Issue / Open Chest Interview with Karen David

Open Chest Interview with Karen David

Jul 17, 2013

It’s fabulous that we’re finally sitting down here in London and doing an OPEN CHEST interview after all the years we’ve known each other, doll. We have had you on our cover before but never done an actual interview, so since you’ve got a lot going on right now, what a perfect time to chat with you. This is going to be fun. As I mentioned to you before we started, this particular issue of ANOKHI is themed as our passion issue, and I can’t think of a more perfect fit—considering everything you do is based on your passion for your art form. What was the first thing that came to mind when I told you that you were going to be the cover personality of our first-ever passion issue?

I want to kiss you all over and say thank you! (Laughs). And just say that you and ANOKHI have been just so supportive of everything I have done on this journey that I have been on, almost from the beginning, when you graciously gave me your 5th Anniversary cover, to this one, over three years later. I’m just so very honoured.

Awe, you’re welcome babe; well deserved. People define passion in many different ways as it’s a very subjective emotion, and as such, it can be considered a noun, verb or adjective. It kind of depends on your perspective on life. How do you define the word passion?

You know, passion is very close to my heart because I grew up with it from the day I was born, from my earliest memory. My parents, from the get go, have always been very passionate in their parenting, to the point that they gave and give beyond the call of duty, so, I’ve learned from them the importance of family and friendships. Yes my career is very important to me and I am very passionate about that, clearly, as I would never have gotten to this point without it, but at the end of the day, they define the person who I am, and that’s where it started for me, the meaning of passion. The love and support that I have from and for my family goes into the drive and passion I have for my work.

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