Publisher's Message, June 2011

What's Your Passion Ever come across what appears to be a very simple question and realized that you can’t seem to answer it cohesively? I pride myself in being the kind of woman who always has her ducks in a row, so I was thrown for a loop when asked the question: “What’s your passion?” a few months ago when we were planning this issue of ANOKHI as


Open Chest Interview with Karen David

It’s fabulous that we’re finally sitting down here in London and doing an OPEN CHEST interview after all the years we’ve known each other, doll. We have had you on our cover before but never done an actual interview, so since you’ve got a lot going on right now, what a perfect time to chat with you. This is going to be fun. As I mentioned to you before we started, this


Thoughts from the Editor-In-Chief, June 2011

Ride The Wave Just like you, I was simply riveted by the unexpected, Facebook-fronted revolution in Egypt. The nation’s youth—from one Status Update to the next—reveled in their passion to get rid of the status quo, yearning for change. Their desire was infectious and we were all quickly swept up in the hot Middle Eastern-tinged winds of change


There's Something About Harry

Why hair artist Harry Josh is on the speed dial of Hollywood’s A-listers You may not realize it, but every time you go to the movies, turn on your TV or flip through a magazine, there are a number of people behind the scenes who put in hours of work just to get that actor or model in the shot to look just right. This kind of meticulous work


  • Delineating Nouveau Fashion Frontiers

    The latest ‘in style,’ South Asia’s fashionable, fast-paced transition from Bollywood to catwalks, celebrities and Hollywood. If you take a quick glance at the 2011 Resort collection from Mark Badgley and James Mischka—o ...


  • Fitness Fueled With Passion

    I was recently asked how I keep up with my day-to-day fitness regimen. My answer was simple: I love it! I love the way I look, feel and move when I exercise. You see, my reason is fueled with ...


  • Sell Out!

    Putting your house up for sale? Not yet, you’re not. Take a look at our guide to the mysterious and intricate art of home staging and learn how doing things that can save you a world of aggravation, not to mention a wad of cash. Selling your house is one of the most stressful things ...


  • Women Inc.

    Enterprising business women tell us what it takes to make it. The key to all the successes of all four South Asian female entrepreneurs – Jain, Minhas, Khan and Manwar – is their ability to dream big ...


  • Turning The Page

    Women in the North Indian city of Varanasi mark Women's Day with a bang. And some bruises. They are taking part in a Kabbadi Tournament put on by World Literacy Canada. Kabbadi is a rough combat team sport traditionally only played by men. But ...


  • Underground Princess

    If you don’t know Rebecca Nazz, you should. This Indo-Canadian singer/songwriter, inspired by Eric Clapton and Madonna, is blazing a trail on the charts with her own unique musical sounds. Guitar-strumming songstress Rebecca Nazz says s ...


  • Stars For Hope

    Star-gazers gathered as the red carpet was rolled out for the stars at the Stars for Hope event in Chicago on January 16, 2011. Celebrities such as Glee star Iqbal Theba, Star Trek actor Faran Tahir, The Daily Show&rsquo ...


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