Issue / Top 5 Romantic Getaways

Top 5 Romantic Getaways

Feb 03, 2015

From strolling on a beach, to the iconic tower of love, to relaxing in a hot spring, we’ve got a few uber romantic spots for you and your lover to enjoy.

Bali, Indonesia for the Outdoorsy Duo
Home to the black sand beaches and other incredible beaches, Bali is the place to soak in the sun with your honey. You can also try your hand at surfing, white water rafting, snorkelling and scuba diving to check out the reefs. Back on land, park it at one of the beachside restaurants for drinks and fresh, melt-in-your-mouth seafood and enjoy a Kecak, a traditional Indonesian dance performance. Spend some time exploring the city, visiting temples, climbing Mount Batur or weaving through lush rice paddy fields on a bike tour.

St. Lucia for the Mellow Couple

With its lush green hillsides, palm tree-laden beaches and crystal clear waters, St. Lucia is a great hot spot to undo the stresses of everyday life and just enjoy time with each other. Many resorts and hotels cater specifically to couples (and often offer them deals), like Rendezvous, a couples only resort, and Jade Mountain where each room is equipped with a private pool and overlooks both the beach and the mountains. When you do feel like getting out, the chairlift ride takes you over the treetops to absorb the multitude of shades of green nature has to offer, or drive into Soufriere Volcano and end the trip in hot springs and mud baths that locals claim enhance the libido and have healing properties.

Paris, France for the Culture-loving Lovers
Home to the symbolic structure of love, the Eiffel Tower, Paris is also an epicentre of delicacy. Slip on comfy shoes and get lost together in the streets of the iconic city of love, admiring centuries of history and art. Be sure to spend some time lingering in the lush gardens that host artisans with little goodies for sale. Visit the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée Rodin and famed French taxidermist Deyrolle, and don’t forget to stop for a bite at Les Ombres at the Musée du Quay Branley with a 360-degree view of the city. And of course visit Mona Lisa at The Louvre. Take a romantic stroll through the Promenade Plantée, Promenade Des Berges, Luxembourg Gardens and Palais Royale Gardens. The Île Saint-Louis, where you’ll find busy shops and patisseries, is the perfect place to sit and people watch and catch the Bateau Mouche and enjoy a ride down the Seine River. There’s no shortage of romantic restaurants and eateries to enjoy in the evening, some with impeccable views of the city.

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