/ Thoughts from the Editor-In-Chief, Spring 2014

Thoughts from the Editor-In-Chief, Spring 2014

Apr 04, 2014

Unexpected Beauty

The beginning of the year, for me, is the most wonderful time of the year. As a film fanatic, I absolutely, full-heartedly and unapologetically relish in the plethora of award shows that dot the months leading up to the Oscars. It’s my New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade all rolled up into one decadent three-plus-hour celebration filled to the brim with analyses, comparisons and debates all the while, laughing at and/or laughing with all that comes to fruition from the red carpet to the podium. It truly is an L.A. Story.

The first few months of 2014 were a banner time for me for another reason too. Not only was I busy appreciating all the facets of filmmaking, but I was also able to tap into my inner sports hero and relish in the Winter Olympics. Thanks to the nine-hour time difference between Sochi and Toronto, my PVR got a healthy workout ensuring all the sporting events were recorded (yes, I watched every single one of them) while I was out and about determined to see every film that was up for awards. And to top it off, celebrating our our magazine’s anniversary every February, is on my list of favourite things to do.

This is where my appreciation of beauty starts, stops and stirs my soul.

It’s the beauty of seeing the stone-cold expression from actor Chiwetel Ejiofor in his role as Solomon Northup when he feels the weight of the crushing reality that his letters never left the plantation in 12 Years A Slave. Or the mind-blowing technical work by director Alfonso Cuarón that tricks you into believing that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are in fact floating around the international space station in Gravity. And it’s soaking up, line by line, the beauty of the words of Spike Jones’s original screenplay depicting the love story between a man and his operating system in Her.

I had room in my heart to watch the Dutch speed skating team sweep the podium, the flawless mind-bending moves executed at the various slopestyle competitions and (of course I can’t not mention this) the storybook beauty of a rally-from-behind victory by the Canadian women’s hockey team against their American competitors for the gold medal. Team spirit continued at our 11th anniversary gala, where I relished in celebrating the beauty of everyone’s success: that of our team, as well of those notables who have inspired us on a global scale.

This is what we at ANOKHI love to explore when we are putting together our annual Beauty Issue. Because we believe the following: Beauty isn’t textbook. Beauty isn’t limited to the trends that you see on the runways. Beauty isn’t limited to a colour palette. Nor is it limited to a particular composition of physical features. Beauty is not predictable. You can’t measure beauty scientifically. And contrary to popular belief, you can’t buy beauty in a jar.

Beauty is so much bigger than all of that. And that is why when we talk about beauty, we always think about it as a massive, immeasurable sentiment. Beauty can be found while exploring beyond one’s culinary comfort zone (David Rocco Gets Spicy, page 104), or by discovering a new hue (Radiant Orchid, page 46). Beauty can be found when celebrating momentous occasions (Mother’s Day Gift Guide, page 79) and beauty can be found in solitude (Disconnect To Self-connect, page 94).

The polar vortex has finally left the building and now we get to come out from the layers and start a fresh new fashionable season (Spring 2014 Trend Report, page 58). It’s also time for renewal and freshening up (Spring Cleaning Makeover, page 100). We continue to go there in areas that others may shy away from by spotlighting substantive issues from dating in the divorced-with-kids world (Second Chances, page 120) to celebrating the rise of the empowered South Asian woman (The Phoenix Rising Phenomenon, page 118).

We want you to celebrate the beauty that is around you. Whether it’s page by page in this issue, day by day in your life, or moment by moment at your kid’s soccer game, at a concert or while watching a new movie. Never predict where you may find beauty.

Remember, beauty is unpredictable — and that is simply gorgeous.

Hina P. Ansari


Hina P. Ansari


Hina P. Ansari is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario). Since then she has carved a successful career in Canada's national fashion-publishing world as the Entertainment/Photo Editor at FLARE Magazine, Canada's national fashion magazine. She was the first South Asian in...


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