Issue 8 / Upgrade Your Road Trip With Our Top 5 Trips and Tips!

Upgrade Your Road Trip With Our Top 5 Trips and Tips!

Jul 21, 2015

Hitting the road has never been so fun. With reality shows featuring roadside eats, dangerous roads and survival skills at an all-time high, inspiration to hit the road is running rampant. 

Road trips have certainly come a long way. Gone are the days when we were crammed into that station wagon, snacking on cold and limp pakoras coupled with tolerable chai, all to visit cousins in Cleveland. Now, thanks to the shortening span of the globe, and of course the internet for research, there are so many places you can go. Here are our favourite ways to upgrade your road trip with incredible spots and cool tips.

1. Canada, The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

If you're looking for that relaxing coastline drive, this is it. While driving the Cabot Trail you’ll enjoy ocean views, rolling green hills, sandy beaches and sharp cliffs. There’s also plenty to do along the Cabot Trail, which was voted the number one leisure spot by Canadians and Americans, including horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking and golfing. All topped off with Canadian hospitality and lots of fresh seafood.

2. U.S., Columbia River Scenic Highway

The name itself is inviting. The 75-mile stretch of highway was built so users could enjoy the rolling mountain side, waterfalls and sheer beauty tucked away in the Columbia River Gorge. Definitely more of a sit back and relax type of road trip, you’ll find a couple roadside treasure off the Columbia River Scenic Highway, like the Timberline Lodge which you’ll find with a slight detour onto the Mount Hood Scenic Loop.

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3. Germany, The Autobahn

This highway is notorious for drivers who love speed. If you really want to put the pedal to the metal, hit the Autobahn. Parts of the highway running through non-urban areas boast no speed limit. Take a few extra days beforehand to learn the road a bit before you start feeling like you're the star of your own movie. If you're a fan of driving, this is the road trip for you. Fill your tank and drive safe.

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4. Australia, The Tasmania Ocean Loop

Just a short ferry ride from Melbourne, Tasmania doesn't get the adventure credit it deserves. Home to unique wildlife and breathtaking views, this road trip around Tasmania has a little something for everyone. The main road circles the island, giving you a view of the golden beaches backing into the blue waters all the way around the island. The drive can be stretched out over two weeks giving you a chance to hike, take in the picturesque views, try the local wines, food and beers, and shop at the historical Salamanca Market. Be sure to check out Tasmania's very own Tasmanian Devil and check out Kate's Berry Farm for homemade milkshakes and cheesecake.

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5. Canada, Yukon-Alaska, U.S., Alaska Highway

With only a few hours of sunlight, northern Canada serves up a completely different atmosphere for road tripping. Stretches of open highway are yours to conquer in the nippy, cool air. However, make sure you time this trip right; you want to be able to cuddle up under the amazing night sky with the colours of the Northern Lights floating above you. 

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Our Top 5 Road Trip Tips! 

1. Plan Your Route. Or Maybe Don't.

Depending on your risk factor you can plan from one city to the next or map out the entire route from the start. In any case it's always good to have a proper (and flexible!) game plan to allow for spontaneous detours so you can explore the smaller towns and take in their charm without the stress of firmly sticking to an itinerary. Nothing kills the road trip vibe more than a super strict timeline. 


2. Food! Food! Food!

This is obvious but having a cooler full of drinks and snacks can be something easily overlooked by the "oh, we'll just buy some snacks on our way" type of road warrior. Having snacks at the ready can ease the stress of trying to find a local convenience store when you're running on empty and of course making sure the kids are content. 


3. Cell Check Rule.

It's easy to drop your head and start texting, Facebooking or playing games on your phone (not while you're driving of course!) but one of the charms of being on a road trip is to — wait for it — talk to one another. So before you hit the gas pedal make some rules. A ten minute phone check time at the top of every hour can ease the tension of not checking messages but at the same time allows you to really take in the company of the other travellers. Also, don't forget to bring extra chargers and car chargers and ensure every gadget is fully charged before you take off. Sure, phones are handy when on the road for connectivity but also an important tool when you are stuck on the side of the road and need emergency assistance. Another tip: Make sure to get all the roaming and free services your provider offers that suit your trip.

4. The All Important Playlist. 

Depending on who you're road tripping with, it's easy to just go to default mode when it comes to tunes and just turn on the radio. However, nothing is more frustrating than trying to find that perfect radio station when you are in unfamiliar terroritory. Best to have a variety of playlists on hand. And ensure playlists cater to all of your passengers' musical tastes because nothing says long road trip more than listening to music you just can't stand hour after hour. 


5. Enjoy The Ride. 

Remember we said don't stick your face in your phone? Well this is also a great time to look out the window and take in the landscape as you traverse it. Believe it or not, that's the whole point of road trips —  to not only relish in the idea of reaching the destination but soaking up every detail of the journey itself. Don't be afraid to make impromptu stops, even a funky gas station (always top your fuel!) can prove to be a perfectly charming pitstop. 


Photo credits: Main image,; Cabot Trail, ; Columbia River Scenic Highway;; The Autobahn,; The Tasmania Ocean Loop, ; Canada, Yukon-Alaska, U.S., Alaska Highway, 

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