Issue 59 / What You Can Do With 48 Hours In London

What You Can Do With 48 Hours In London

Aug 05, 2016


London is one of the biggest and busiest cities in Europe and so if you only have 48 hours here it is guaranteed you will find something to do.

Start off by booking a hotel; it is best to stay in the city centre if you do not mind splurging. However, if you are on a budget pick a hotel at one of the ends of the tube line as it will cost a lot less and then travel in on the tube in the morning.


 The tube map.
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Day 1
8 a.m.: Start the Day
If you are staying in the centre then find a café nearby and grab some breakfast. If you are staying outside the city it is time to feel like a commuter and jump on the tube to head into the city.

9 a.m.: Westminster
Start the day near the prestigious Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. This is a great place to get some amazing snaps of the buildings as well as standing on the Westminster Bridge and taking pictures of the London Eye opposite.
Once you have taken your pictures head towards the London Eye. You can buy a ticket here and if you are planning on visiting some of the other attractions later you can also buy a saver ticket for places such as the Madame Tussauds, London Dungeon or Sea Life Centre.
Head towards the London Eye, you will need to wait in line and the time this will take will depend on the day and the amount of visitors.


British Houses of Parliament.
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The London Eye
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11 a.m.: Boat Trip
There are a number of different city cruises that take place and many of them depart from Westminster. We suggest you pick the as they offer a hop on hop off service where you can visit a number of different places and head back to Westminster at the end.
Stay on the cruise all the way to the end, which will take you to the Greenwich Pier. This is where you can then hop off and head towards the Cutty Shark, the world’s sole surviving tea clipper. The Greenwich Pier also happens to be where the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum is.
Make sure you grab some lunch whilst you are out and about, there are a number of restaurants and cafés in the area.


Take a cruise.
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3 p.m.: Back Aboard
Head back on the cruise and you will be able to capture some great photos of Tower Bridge. Hop off here and check out two of London’s best attractions: Tower of London and Tower Bridge. You will also be able to see City Hall from here, which looms over the river.


 Tower Bridge at night.
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4 p.m.: St Pauls
Head back onto the cruise and take it down to Bankside Pier. This is the perfect location to finish off your evening as there is lots to do around here including: St Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tate Modern. Once you have visited these places make sure you check out one of the rooftop cocktail bars if it is a nice summer’s evening or one of the indoor cocktail bars will be just as good.
7p.m.: Food Time!

London has many Indian restaurants in fact there are probably more Indian restaurants then there are British Pubs and Indian food has become so popular that if you walk into a British pub a curry is often a dish served on their menu. But if you are looking for a real treat jump on the Jubilee Line straight into Queensbury here you will find a well known Indian pub, which used to be a gentleman's club, called Regency. Make sure you order a plate of chicken wings as they are the best although if you can't take a bit of spice you may want to ask for a mild version. 


Sakonis is one of many South Asian eateries London is famous for!
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If you fancy being a little more traditional and really homing in on your routes then also on the jubilee line is Wembley Park. Here you can catch a cab to the world famous Eailing Road. There are dozens of restaurants here and Sakoni's is one of the most famous vegetarian Indian restaurant. Be prepared to eat your heart out. 

Day 2
8 a.m.: Start the Day
Again this depends on where you are staying so head towards Camden Town.
9 a.m.: Camden Market
First things first we are going to take on the craziness that is Camden Market. London has a number of well-known markets that sell anything from clothes to souvenirs. There are loads of food trucks and things to keep you occupied in this little hub.


Camden Market
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12 p.m.: Let's Meet the Queen
It’s time to take a train from Camden Town towards Hyde Park. To do so you will need to change lines so make sure you ask for directions on your way.
When you reach Hyde Park it is a short walk to reach the historic Buckingham Palace. Although it is highly unlikely you will see the Queen, it is always nice to be able to take pictures outside the Palace. If you are a real fan then you can also buy a ticket to visit the State Rooms.

Buckingham Palace
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1 p.m.: Knightsbridge
This is home to one of the world’s most well known department stores, Harrods. Take a look inside, as you will be in awe of the number of different floors and all that is on offer. Catch lunch around here as well either inside the store or in the one of the restaurants nearby.
3 p.m.: Oxford Street
The world famous Oxford Street is a must see and depending on the time of year will depend on the experience you receive. During the winter months around Christmas the windows are decorated in different themes attracting not only tourists but also locals to come and see what the shops have on offer. During the summer the streets are packed with tourist coming to check out the shops and bargains they may be able to pick up.
5 p.m.: Theatre District and China Town
Head towards Covent Garden, if you haven’t already you will be able to try and pick up some last minute theatre tickets for one of the famous shows that are on currently. If there is no shows left do not worry Covent Garden has a lot to offer in the evenings with amazing restaurants and bars as well as China Town not far away either. So take your pick and enjoy your evening.


Covent Gardens
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Vallisa Chauhan


Vallisa Chauhan (@vallisachauhan) presents the Flagship breakfast show on Lyca Radio 1458. She has scripted and produced a full feature film called "Those 4 Walls" and is currently working on other projects. She loves travel and movies and tries to fit in both as much as she can.


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