Issue 40 / Open Chest Interview with Entrepreneur Anjula Acharia, Part Two

Open Chest Interview with Entrepreneur Anjula Acharia, Part Two

Mar 09, 2016

In part one of angel investor and brand builder Anjula Acharia’s story, we spoke intimately about the ideology and mindset from which her staunch diversity and gender mandate blossomed. She shared nuggets of wisdom about the larger vision behind her co-founded company, DesiHits!, and her perspectives on the Hollywood machine. She also shared insights into how she learned to stand out, project her point of difference and exude a clear narrative on who she is, what she represents and why. In case you missed this powerful reveal, click HERE for the full part one of her story.

In the second half of this two-part interview, I spoke with Anjula about her foray into managing powerhouse Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra and her orchestration of the actress’s strategic rise from being barely known to becoming Hollywood’s sweetheart. She also speaks poignantly about getting back into the tech sector as a serial angel investor and sheds light on the state of affairs for women in business…

CLICK HERE To read the full interview with Anjula! 

Raj Girn


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