Open Chest Interview with Entrepreneur Anjula Acharia, Part Two

In part one of angel investor and brand builder Anjula Acharia’s story, we spoke intimately about the ideology and mindset from which her staunch diversity and gender mandate blossomed. She shared nuggets of wisdom about the larger vision behind her co-founded company, DesiHits!, and her perspectives on the Hollywood machine. She also shared insights into how she learned to stand out, project her point of difference and exude a clear n


What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Gender Parity?

Over a century ago, 15,000 women marched in New York City demanding their voting rights, shorter hours and better pay. So why is it that we're still fighting for equal pay?  If we skip ahead to 2016, we’ve made a lot of progress in establishing voting rights and workers rights but gender parity is one issue that’s at the forefront of the conversation these days. As we celebrate International Women&rsq


The Value Of Intention Setting To Live The Life You Want!

Don't understimate the importance and value of intention setting.    It seems like intention setting is the latest buzz and craze out there these days but there is truth to this madness. It works.     What intention setting allows us to do is bring attention to our thoughts and gives them weight. It further adds clarity to how we choose to live our lives and al


Designer Profile: Hussein Shiraz For DALLA

Since his debut at MasterCard Fashion Week in 2014, Hussein Shiraz’s DALLA (formerly known as HD Homme) has cornered the market in men’s evening wear. The designer is known for his sharp tailored red carpet designs. He has dressed some the best in the entertainment industry like E! news


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