Issue 18 / Zoom! Quick Fix Long Weekend Getaways

Zoom! Quick Fix Long Weekend Getaways

Oct 08, 2015

Whether you're getting away solo, with a friend or the kiddies, sometimes all it takes is a quick weekend away or a mini staycation in your own town to recharge the batteries.

Weekends away don't have to break the bank or even take you far away. It's all about making the most of those 48 or 72 hours. You'll need to plan the weekend to keep it action-packed but first you'll need an idea of what you want to do, check out our list below to give you a few ideas for both at-home and away weekend getaways.

1. Culture

Depending on the city you're in, you may be able to find mini-towns all over the city — like Little Italy, Chinatown or Little India — and they're full of ethnic stores, restaurants and cultural treat stands. The hustle and bustle of these mini-towns will usually give you a little taste of what it's like to be in that country. Also look for local temples that double as cultural museums, or may hold great religious historical pieces or art.

LIttle India in Chicago 
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2. History

A great stop for history buffs is small towns just outside the city or old parts of the city. Some small towns have galleries focusing on local arts and artists or museums. A great option, if you're up for it, are abandoned places. Some websites give you the addresses of old abandoned buildings and locales that you can check out, that will take you back to a different time. Just do a little research so you know exactly what you're stepping into. 

Fossil Halls at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City 
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3. Sports or Music

This one is easy. Whether it's making the most of a home game or jumping on the road to catch an away game for your favourite team, sports events are a quick and easy weekend away. Not to mention all the halls of fame to check out, tailgate parties or local college and university teams. Or how about catching your favourite artist in another city? A weekend away would just make the concert that much more memorable.

Beyonce in concert
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4. Arts

Arts is another easy weekend getaway option. Cities and towns tend to be decorated with galleries and cinemas. But for a unique getaway check out all the smaller galleries or dive cinemas. Large cities have weekend-long festivals throughout the year for various arts and walks of life for everyone to check out. Most are free of charge and have unique and interactive things to try for the little ones. Or catch a huge production musical or a local, small town production and settle in for a treat.

Student mariachi performers at 2014 Boston Public Schools' Citywide Arts Festival.
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5. Foodies

With careful planning, you can experience the world through tasty restaurants in your city. Do a bit of research and go from Ethiopian cuisine, to a Brazilian steakhouse, to a French brunch. The possibilities are endless. Brewery tours and wine tastings are a great weekend away. Settle in to sample great beers and a plethora of wines from local vineyards and breweries or even personalize yours and try gluten free or craft beers or just Merlots or ice wines.

Niagara Ice Wine Festival
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6. With the Kids

Zipping around with he kiddies can be a task, especially with all their energy. But with a great plan you can keep them occupied and having fun. Try a city wide scavenger hunt. If they are young pair them with an adult, or set the teens off on their own to versus the parents. Set up clues and maps, charge your phones, pack some snacks and even add a selfie challenge so that there are memories of the day. Or for something more low key, try a waterpark or lodge with a hotel attached so that when the little ones are all tuckered out, bed isn't a drive away. 

Pandora Park Fall Fair, Vancouver 
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7. Daring Duos

If you're up for it, try a weekend of extreme sports, food tastings or personalized challenges. Cities are now housing axe throwing venues, escape rooms, parkour gyms and things as extreme like the CN Tower Edge Walk. Food challenge options are becoming a bigger trend as restaurants create their own one-of-a kind food challenges or dares. Try anything from oversized burgers, to blazing hot wings to table-sized pizza. Be sure to bring your appetite.

Teddy's Monster Double Burger from Hawaii 
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8. Low Key Loves

Whether it's been hectic at work or busy with the kids, a hotel getaway is always a quick, cheap and simple option to escape the bustle. Whether you stay in town or head to a nearby city or town, this is always a possibility. If you do happen to head to another city, check out their nightlife, restaurants, tourist attractions and festivals while you're there and enjoy the mini-vacation before reality sets in again. 

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