/ Thoughts From The Editor-In-Chief, Spring 2011

Thoughts From The Editor-In-Chief, Spring 2011

Jun 11, 2013

Lover of Change

I usually visit my favourite beach paradise to Zen out every year. Specifically, it’s the Grand Cayman, in the Cayman Islands, British West Indies. It’s been my destination of choice for more than a decade so the place is filled with the familiarity that one finds at their local cottage neighbourhood. I know my grocery store, the restaurants and, of course, the people.

One of the major selling points for me is the renowned Seven Mile Beach, the sun and the turquoise ocean, which completely and unfailingly refreshes my soul. There is something about basking in the sun (with my SPF of course!) that just melts my stress away. I made it a point this year to go over on my birthday weekend. It was just me, myself and I sitting under the stars. Perfection.

After a while (I was there for five days) the usual happens. I had my fill and was ready to go home. As beautiful as the Grand Cayman was, I realized how much I longed for the seasonal changes we in Canada relish in; changes that in my mind signal a spiritual renewal — spring, summer, fall and winter. The four seasons, a perfect number, which gives our world the full circle we need.

So now fall is among us. My favourite season. Fall in my mind holds a certain gravitas. That gravitas is comprised of the fact that summer is coming to a close and now’s the time we really get into the forthcoming season. Our wardrobes change, our mindsets change and our social calendar changes. We become immediately aware that the next few months bring forth various events and holidays that need to be celebrated. Everyone is back on deck; datebooks and calendars start the synching process scheduling dinners, galas, office parties and of course family events.

So, with this in mind, we bring to you, our Annual Fashion & Style and Holiday Issue to help you to get into the right mood for this upcoming festive season. Packed with our annual Holiday Gift Guide loaded with goodies that our editors love — from our fashion, style, beauty, décor and entertainment worlds — this is the perfect time to pour over and make your lists.

Fall, as always, brings forth the much-anticipated fashion renewal, courtesy of our favourite international fashion houses. This issue is packed with the hottest tips and tricks direct from the catwalks of the world. Perfectly packaged in our fashion, style and beauty sections just for you.

And of course we bring you controversial topics to amp up your cocktail chats. Tempting Territory (page 134) analyzes the power and politics of sex. Our Dollars & Sense pages includes an inspirational profile on uber-entrepreneur Divya Gugnani (No Reservations, page 140), and let’s not forget the latest living trend, (The Suite Life, pages 128) where urbanites are trading in their homes for the stress-free life of hotel living.

So now that we have you all set for the upcoming season, go ahead and let the season fully embrace you!

Hina P. Ansari

I always love to hear your feedback. Feel free to write to me at [email protected].



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