/ Publisher's Message, Fall 2011

Publisher’s Message, Fall 2011

Jun 11, 2013

Yes it’s that time of year again my friends, when I feel the need to reflect on the year I’ve participated in as it draws to an end, in the hopes of setting myself up for an even better year next year. I ask myself: Was it productive, did I accomplish what I set out to do, am I a better person for it, did I impact people in a positive way? I take time out to look back and determine how many successes I’ve had, how many near misses, and how many out and out failures. During that necessary process, I realized that because my intent was always good, all that has transpired in my world over 2011, has been absolutely GREAT! For those of you who don’t feel the same way and have had a less than intent-filled year, maybe this will help — a fitting quote by the evergreen Maya Angelou, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” I truly believe in these words as they force me to focus on the core of what encourages strength, vigilance and forward movement!

On the subject of forward movement, I’m thrilled to say that this issue of ANOKHI Magazine has had our editors working overtime to create our annual Holiday Gift Guide, in addition to the usual jam packed issue you always expect and get from us. Our goal is to take the stress out of the gift-buying process during the holiday season by doing all the work for you. We know how much you appreciate it each and every year and since we always aim to please, I hope you’ll flip to page 106 to peruse our picks and use the guide as your personal manual for her, him, the kids, your pets, family, friends, co-workers and a lil’ something for yourself as well!

I’d also like to share that this issue’s Open Chest interview is something of an anomaly. For those of you who read my signature celebrity interviews in each issue, you’ll know that I’ve interviewed one or two stars at any given time but never a whopping four. Why now you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. When I was given the opportunity to pick whom I wanted to interview from the massive, well known cast of the — in my opinion — landmark crossover movie of the decade, Breakaway, I felt like a kid in a candy store — so many choices with so little room to take it all in. In the end, I decided to interview the principle actors of the sub and main plots: mega-star comedian, Russell Peters, funny girl, Noureen DeWulf, young Hollywood’s Camilla Belle and newcomer Vinay Virmani. Not only did they give me the inside scoop on making such a well thought-out movie for the masses, but each of them revealed a little something about themselves along the way. It’s all on page 28. For those of you who have not as yet had the opportunity to check out the film, if you like family-oriented romantic comedies with a sports theme (à la Bend It Like Beckham) with the added bonus of a stellar principle cast and cameos by Akshay Kumar, Drake and Ludacris, this is the movie for you. It’s in theatres right now. For a theatre listing near you, log onto Breakawaythefilm.com. I highly recommend taking your family to see it. It's a not-to-be-missed movie, especially at this time of year!

Enjoy the season of frolic and fun my friends, and I’ll see you all at the beginning of 2012 with some exciting news about the next phase of the ANOKHI brand. Or check in with me online at Openchest.com, where I blog my thoughts each and every weekday!

Raj Girn

Photography: Tony Di Lorenzo, Creative Director: Hina P. Ansari, Stylist: Femida Sidi
Hair: Fiorio Hair Salon, Make Up: Vasanti Cosmetics, Clothing: Raj’s Own


Raj Girn


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