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Beauty Q&A

Aug 09, 2013

Q. Is it safe for me to use products from different lines?

A. It depends. If you are using products with "active" ingredients, then no. Active ingredients are those that are in a formula to make the product perform a specific task. For example, glycolic acid can be used as an active ingredient for wrinkle control. The problem with using products from different lines is that if you have a cleanser from one company with 10 percent glycolic acid, and a moisturizer from another company with 10 percent, you've now put 20 percent on your face, and that will not be pleasant! Generally, try to stick with one line, at least for your skincare, because each company has formulated their products to work together. But use your judgement; if the product is for sensitive skin, can you really use too much tender loving care?

Q. How long can I keep my makeup before it goes bad?

A. Far too often, we have seen the repercussions of someone who is using mascara she bought a year ago and has convinced herself "it's still okay". Makeup does go bad and needs to be treated with the same care as food. Anything liquid, such as mascara, foundation and concealer, should not be kept longer than three months. After that point, it will start to grow bacteria that can clog pores and cause infections, especially in the eye area. Powders such as shadows, blush and compacts can be kept longer but you should wipe them with a tissue each week to ensure that oils from skin and brushes don’t set in. A good way to tell if a product has gone bad is to smell it. If it smells funky or "off", don't use it. And remember, if you found mouldy tomatoes in the fridge, would you eat them?

Quick Tips…

Brush Up

With proper care, good quality makeup brushes can last a lifetime. To keep them clean, and free of dirt, oil and bacteria, wash them once a month with baby shampoo and set flat to dry. Do not use conditioner, as it may alter the structure of the hair fibers. In between washes, you should always clean brushes once a week, with a proper brush cleaner and a paper towel. Try MAC Brush Cleanser.

With Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn

As with many things, your skin’s needs will change dramatically with the turn of the seasons. We always suggest having a facial at the end of one to prep the skin for the next. Fall is a great time to give some attention to sun-ravaged skin and hair. You may find your skin is oilier after the summer, so use a good alcohol-free astringent. Make sure to kick up the moisturizers when it starts to get cold so the winter doesn’t shock your skin and dry it out.


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