/ Paris-Collette Finnegan's "Portrait of a Woman"

Paris-Collette Finnegan’s “Portrait of a Woman”

Jun 15, 2013

Automne-Hiver 2011 collection

Collette Dinnigan’s Autumn/Winter 2011 line was a huge success with the crowd at the showing of her latest collection titled Portrait of a Woman. The models graced the runway in pieces that merged many fabrics to create wonderful designs. The creations were made from the finest wools and furs with touches of organza and lace.

Spectators lined either side of the catwalk to take in the decadent collection that was infused by many older European cultures, from the Rococo to Venetian. Those inspirations had the models in pieces that were sophisticated, structured and feminine. The thrilling show left viewers in anticipation of Collette Dinnigan’s next show.


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