/ Editor's Note, Summer 2008

Editor’s Note, Summer 2008

Aug 05, 2013

The idea of a fresh start is so alluring because it reminds us that we can create another chance to get it right. And working wholeheartedly on ourselves—be it an internal or external ‘new beginning’—is just so much more doable in summer’s natural beauty and exuberance. It also helps to have a game plan.

Flip through this issue’s fashion pages which offer inspiration through bold designs (Wills India Fashion Week and Poonam Bhagat, pages 20-23), decadent colour (Ray of Sun, p.26; Nature’s Beauty, p.34) and earthy sensibilities. Next stop is the beauty makeover to learn how to take care of your skin and look fabulous all at the same time (p.50). Of course, fitness secrets for the optimal workout (p.54), health and nutrition tips (p.56) and relationship advice are at your fingertips as well.

If the urge to pick up and start fresh in a foreign country excites you but the summer budget plan doesn’t allow it, take comfort in the fact that sometimes the best holiday is no further than a lounge chair–skip waiting in long lines at the airport and curl up with a good book for an instant vacation. Discover and immerse yourself into the past and present of India’s most exotic destinations through the eyes of some its most renowned writers: Suketu Mehta, Rabindranath Tagore, Arundhati Roy, Kiran Desai and many more (India: A Reader’s Guide, p.66).

A fresh start doesn’t always mean leaving the past behind. In our “Percolator Talk” this issue, we explore the dynamics of the girl entourage and the power of relationships (I Love My Girlfriends: The Friendship Phenomenon Between Women, p.84). What would we do without the shared history and honest kinship between gals pals?

Sometimes a fresh start does mean a career change. One of the most common questions our team gets asked around this time of the year is “How can I get an internship at ANOKHI?” My answer: whether or not you have the relevant experience (granted, it helps), show us your passion and enthusiasm toward an opportunity that will expose you to the fashion and entertainment world and give you an inside look at the magazine industry. Send your resume to me via email as a start and we’ll go from there.

I hope this issue helps you with any plans you may have for a fresh start. Write me at [email protected]—it’s great to hear from you.

Pamela Arora

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