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South African Dreams

Jul 29, 2013

With A Riveting History As Its Foundation, Cape Town Is Capturing The World’s Imagination

In a country that lies at the very tip of Africa, bordered by the Atlantic and Indian oceans, lies a world of adventure, exoticism, relaxation and human history. Cape Town is South Africa’s second most populous city, its legislative capital and a popular destination for people around the world.

When visiting Cape Town, you’ll immediately notice how much the city’s past is part of the present. Back in the 17th century, Cape Town’s port was used as a loading station for the Dutch East Indian Company, where ships would come in and load up on necessary supplies, and then continue on their journeys to countries such as India. Cape Town quickly became inhabited by European settlers. The port is still highly used and visited by shipmen and tourists alike.

But there is certainly no lack of attractions and unforgettable sights in this city, called by tourists, one of the most welcoming in the world. Table Mountain is a stunning natural wonder that overlooks Cape Town. The flat-topped mountain sits at 3563 feet above sea level and a cable car can reach a point on the mountain about 62 feet away from the peak. However, taking a cable car is a passive way of the viewing the mountain. Many choose to climb the tabletop mountain or hike the Hoerikwaggo trail, which can take between two and six days to travel up from the base of the mountain. For those who are seeking a vacation rather than an adventure, Cape Town offers many choices for recreation and enjoyment.

Cape Town is fortunate in terms of its geographic placement. It features some lovely spots to stroll through while the sun sets or rises. And depending on when you visit, you may see a lot more of one than the other. If you visit in the winter, which is from June to August in Cape Town, the sun sets rather early, but the weather is still pleasant and the prices are low. No matter the season, make an effort to visit the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront—one of the city’s biggest attractions.

The Waterfront includes places to dine and drink, stores to peruse, galleries to admire and scenery to take stunning photos of. Waterfront boat cruises are a popular choice on a beautiful evening. Take advantage of all the Victoria and Alfred Basins have to offer and look into the events and guides at the V&A Waterfront. Although it is a tourist attraction, it is still authentic and bursting with South African culture.

Cape Town is also a very accommodating city—so accommodating, in fact, that you can spend your stay in a villa rather than a hotel. The Cape Town villas that overlook the ocean are said to be in some of the most desired locations in the city. They are often located in private areas, so your surroundings will be quiet and restful. On the other hand, if you are more interested in being in the centre of the action and partaking in the culture, there are numerous luxurious and affordable hotels alike for you to choose from.

Check out the Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel, a quiet, historical and lovely hotel, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s lifestyle. The hotel—a national monument—is not far from one of the hippest streets in the city. Kloof Street is known for its nightlife, bars, gardens, galleries and shopping.

And, perhaps most importantly, the food scene is bustling! Because Cape Town is located right next to the ocean, the city specializes in seafood. There are plenty of crayfish and prawns to go around. And depending on when you are visiting, different produce will be in season for you to enjoy. Keep in mind that South Africa is also populated by wine lands and vineyards, which means that wine tours are frequent and food can be accompanied by wines grown close to Cape Town.

When you make the decision to travel to or visit a city for the first time, it’s always comforting and encouraging to know that the city is safe, well organized and looked after. Cape Town has taken the necessary precautions to keep, specifically, the downtown core of the city safe. Sticking to the Cape Town city centre, and using and visiting well-trusted venues are your best bet, as it would be in any city. Because the city is often visited by tourists, there are a large number of tourist-friendly businesses that are trustworthy when you are in doubt.

Cape Town draws in crowds because of its natural beauty and great culture. If you go, make sure to spend some time in both worlds. You will love the whole experience.



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