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Aug 08, 2013

You Are What You Eat!

Between replying to e-mails, sitting in on conference calls, taking the kids to soccer practice, going to yoga class, making appearances at social functions, and basically trying to conquer the world–who has time to cook on a regular basis? For today's frenetic, working generation, fitting in home-style meals can certainly be tough! Don’t despair. No matter what meal of the day, ANOKHI has found nutritious, delectable and ready-to-eat “fast food” options to help curb the hunger, save your time and sanity–and best of all–you don’t have to sacrifice the home-cooked South Asian flavours you crave. Hungry Kya?


La Yoghi lassi drink US$2.99
Inspired by an ancient yogurt drink lassi, this yogurt-based smoothie is made with fresh fruit and specially selected probiotics, making it both a good fill and quick pick during the morning hustle.

Dr. Stuart’s Green Chai Tea $7.90
An intricate blend of green tea with exotic spices results in a warm, comforting morning beverage. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves mingle gently with black pepper in your cup to give your morning a kick without the caffeine.


PC Blue Menu Indian Butter Chicken – reduced fat $2.99
Frozen food will never taste the same once you try President’s Choice seasoned chicken in a rich tandoori tomato sauce with basmati rice on the side. Zap for five minutes and bon appetit!

PC Indian Chana Masala $3.49
Aromatic basmati rice is paired with Punjabi-style chickpeas, onions and tomatoes in a unique spice blend helping you enjoy home-cooked flavours even when on the run.

Kohinoor's Rice and Curry & Kashmiri Rajma with Steamed Basmati Rice $3.49
Ready in two minutes, these microwavable meals are a fusion of 100 percent pure basmati rice with dehydrated vegetables and authentic Indian spices and herbs to make for a delectable lunch that’ll keep you on the clock.


Lay's Spicy Curry, Doritos Tandoori Sizzler & Lay's Chili Garlic chips $2.99
No need for any chip dip with these snacks–they come fully loaded with exotic flavour for that extra afternoon punch.

Himalaya Gourmet Mango Honey Chutney $9.90
Mellowed in honey, fresh ginger and garlic, this chutney is an exotic dip for all finger foods. Just add some hot pakoras, veggies or even crackers and you are ready to enjoy a mouthwatering snack on the go.

Shana Frozen Foods Punjabi Samosas $2.99
Enjoy this popular Indian snack right at home whether you share or savour them all by yourself. These mini pastries are stuffed with a spicy blend of potatoes and peas and easy to pop into your mouth while juggling your busy day.

Nanak Foods' Tandoori Paneer Poppers $4.99
Perfect for poker night, this vegetarian snack is made with natural paneer cheese and jalapeno peppers surronded by a crunchy wheat-crumb coating.


PC Indian Chicken Biryani $3.49
No need to worry about hours slaving over the stove to enjoy this dish. The silky coupling of basmati rice and seasoned chicken in an aromatic sauce with raisins, peas and almonds will leave you wanting more.

PC Naan Chicken Tandoori Pizza $4.99
This home-style pizza on naan bread adds a desi twist on an old classic. Topped with PC Butter Chicken Sauce, part skim mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese, seasoned tandoori chicken, diced red onions and spinach, it beats ordering take-out pizza any day of the week.

Shana Frozen Foods Parathas – Mixed Vegetable, Onion or Plain $2.80
Just like Mom used to make but with half the effort–heat and serve chappatis stuffed with your choice of mixed veggies, potatoes, onion or plain. Serve with yogurt. We dare you to notice the difference!

Patak's Vindaloo Curry Sauces paired with basmati rice $4.99
With its origins from Kerala, India, this tangy and pungent curry sauce, an artful combination of tomatoes, pepper and other spices, is coupled with basmati rice for a satisfying and easy-to-prepare meal.



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