/ Beauty Spot: Quick-Fix Skin Solutions

Beauty Spot: Quick-Fix Skin Solutions

Aug 06, 2013

While it’s always nice beautifying on your own time, there are always things that come up which may leave little time for you to look your best; a job interview in a few days, a ten-year school reunion in a few weeks or a 20-year wedding anniversary in a few months are all realistic possibilities. With anything from only a few months to only a few days ahead of you, the prospect of looking great in little time can be stressful. Don’t worry. If you know what to do, it’s just a matter of actually doing it and ANOKHI is going to let you in on some skin solution secrets!

The Three-Month Solution

A lot can be accomplished in three months. First of all, three months is enough time for a significant amount of laser hair removal. Remember to ask your doctor how strong the laser is both from a safety point of view and for effectiveness; also ask if the doctor has experience with your skin type.

Another thing to consider is a medically-designed weight loss program. You can expect to lose approximately 30 pounds. This will require commitment to both diet and exercise but you will reap rewards.

Finally a series of chemical peels combined with a medical skin program at home will give you a radiant youthful look. For those with significant pigmentation issues, there is sufficient time for photofacials and laser treatments to reduce them.

The Three-Week Solution

Three weeks offers time for a series of light chemical peels that will increase skin radiance. If you cannot get an appointment for in-office peels, then a home program with exfoliating masks can be a good substitute.

If you suffer from acne, it may be advisable to start on a course of antibiotics immediately. Some laser treatments are specifically for acne and have almost immediate effects. Three weeks of drinking lots of water, dieting and exercise combined with supplements can help you lose 10 pounds which can be just what you need for a refreshed look.

The Three-Day Solution

With just days to work with, this can be tricky, but again, a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion will give your skin a glow; just ensure that it is very light. For an emergency like a breakout just before the event, a good doctor can come to the rescue. A cosmetic doctor can inject a small amount of corticosteroids into the pimple and it will recede in 24 hours. For significant bags under the eyes, an ice pack can make a big difference. Most importantly, good fluid intake and sufficient sleep is necessary.

This column is informational and is not intended to replace the advice of a health professional or doctor.

Dr. Deepa Takhar grew up in the U.K. and eventually moved to Canada where she now runs a family practice, cosmetic practice and weight clinic, while teaching medical students and young doctors. Her global travels have given her insight into cutting edge innovations in cosmetic and weight loss procedures. Dr. Takhar strongly believes that care needs to be tailored to one’s skin and body type for optimal results, and she is passionate about being part of the process.


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