/ Maya Rajhans: The Newest Under Armour Youth Ambassador Making Waves

Maya Rajhans: The Newest Under Armour Youth Ambassador Making Waves

Jul 24, 2017

How many seven to 12 year-olds can say they are an ambassador for the Under Armour Campaign? Only two, including sports phenom, Maya Rajhans who is the new Under Armour Youth Ambassador and proving that the future is indeed female! 

We are proud to profile one of the elite winners Maya Rajhans, a Canadian-South Asian athlete. At the young age of 11, Rajhans is making a big impact in the world of athletics and paving the way for young, South Asian female athletes. After learning more about her determination and inspiring character, we wanted to learn more about this talented young girl.

The Under Armour Campaign

Under Armour, Inc., a company founded in 1996 off the basis of a solution focused idea, is now an international powerhouse. Tired of repeatedly changing his sweat-soaked cotton t-shirts after football practices, founder Kevin Plank (23 at the time), decided to create his own solution to his sweaty problem. Creating a HeatGear T-Shirt made with synthetic fabrics, he started selling his light, sweat-absorbing t-shirts in Baltimore from the trunk of his car.

Having evolved into a leading force in the sports market, the brand describes itself as the originator of performance footwear, apparel and equipment. Designing innovative products used by international athletes of all ages, the company is also the power force behind the world’s largest digital health and fitness community (including the ever popular Smart Phone App, MyFitnessPal).

As a way to support young athletes, in 2016, the UA NEXT Canada Powered by Sport Check campaign launched the competition awards, offering two young athletes between the ages of seven and 12 the opportunity to win one of the highly coveted spots and become a brand ambassador. Not only do the winners get to be the face of the campaign with videos appearing on their YouTube channel and in Sport Check stores but they also get one year of the brands athletics performance supporting clothing.

Originally attending casting to support one of her two younger brothers, Rajhans’s athletic spirit took over when she saw the competitions obstacle course and she decided to participate. With Rajhans’s agility, speed and focus, she ended up being invited to participate in the next rounds of the competition.

After being declared a winner for 2017, Rajhans is not only the first, female Canadian to be awarded the title, but the first with a South Asian heritage. With sports experience playing on several teams including basketball, soccer, swimming and ball hockey, Rajhans embodies the athletic agility and disciplined approach to training required to excel in so many areas. Captivated by her words in the campaign video, we reached out to learn more on the special magic that makes Rajhans.


Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans
Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans: Maya Rajhans’s cool new ad! Photo Credit: Under Armour Inc.


Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans
Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans: Showcasing her soccer talent with Olympic Athlete Janine Beckie. Photo Credit: Under Armour Inc


Maya Rajhans’s Training Regiment 

Actively involved in so many sports since the age of seven, Rajhans trains about six days a week for approximately two hours a day. In true sportsmanship mentality, Rajhans recognizes the best athletes are not necessarily the most naturally talented but the ones who put in the daily, disciplined work to continue to improve themselves.

Maya Rajhans’s Free Time Is Like…Pretty Hardcore Too! 

When not playing in a game or training, Rajhans enjoys getting in extra cardio and family time by going on runs with her mom or dad.

Creating room in her life to pursue other passions, Rajhans also receives weekly piano lessons; and her musical accomplishment is learning how to play is “Stitches” by Sean Mendes. During other, rare periods of downtime, Rajhans can be found curled up a book or indulging in some of her favourite foods which include spaghetti with meatballs, ice cream and butter tarts.

Spending time with her cat Muggsy (named after basketball great Muggsy Bogues) is another thing Rajhans enjoys. With so much on the go and a love for public speaking, Rajhans might be well suited to deliver time management seminars; after hearing how much she accomplishes on a regular basis at the young age of 11. We’d definitely sit in the audience!


Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans
Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans: Delighted to meet her favourite artist Drake at the 3rd Annual OVO Invitational basketball game. Photo Credit: Drake (Yes THAT’s Drake!)

Maya Rajhans Is Inspired By…

Rajhans lovingly explains her inspiration comes from her parents. The support system and encouragement offered by them are key to her success and Rajhans describes them as her role models. With an understanding that she has a lot of goals at a young age, her family is committed to ensuring her athletics are something she pursues by choice.

Not falling in to the hype that can be seen on shows like Dance Moms or interested in solidifying themselves as Momagers, her parents take a refreshing approach to having a highly talented child. Rajhans’s dad explains instead of pressuring her on what they feel is best, they empower her to be involved in her life choices and choose what she would like to do with the opportunities she has. Maya hopes to inspire other young athletes, in particular South Asian females to train hard and pursue their passions.


Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans
Under Armour Youth Ambassador Maya Rajhans: Maya’s family is her source of inspiration. Photo Credit: Amit Rajhans

Maya Rajhans’s Future Plans Are…

With a grounded approach, Rajhans is certain her love of sports will continue to develop but also understands the importance of being well rounded. With a keen interest in social sciences, Rajhans can see herself exploring a future career in law or politics and despite all the sports, she ensures her studies come first.

As is the case for most 11 year-olds (and adults for that matter), the future for Rajhans may not be set in stone but whatever she does, we’re certain she will continue to shine. We look forward to watching her journey of growth and declare her an excellent role model to youth. We’ll be cheering you on Maya!

Main Image Photo Credit: Under Armour Inc.

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