Issue 72 / The Story Behind Vasanti Cosmetics' Beautiful Vision

The Story Behind Vasanti Cosmetics’ Beautiful Vision

May 22, 2017

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We chat with the sisters behind Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision who give us the full deets on creating an beauty empire focusing on diversity and celebrating every shade. 

In an industry dominated by big-name beauty companies, Vasanti Cosmetics has broken down boundaries and proven to be a worthy contender in the highly competitive world of makeup and skincare. Eighteen years ago the Vasanti team began their journey of transforming a line of 3 products into a collection of over 140 top-selling beauty items that are available to purchase at more than 100 online and retail locations across Canada.

Built on the bond of sisterhood, Pinki Gosal, Monal Patel, Priti Patel and Gargi Patel created Vasanti to empower women to look and feel beautiful in their own skin. We had a chance to chat up with the Vasanti sisters for all the details on their inspiring story and award-winning products.

Kiki Khosla: When was Vasanti Cosmetics founded and where did the name come from?

Pinki Gosal: We incorporated in 1998 and we launched our first 3 products in 1999. From there we began our journey on a part time basis. Vasanti means ‘of spring’ in Sanskrit. The name captures the fresh, light, and rejuvenating feel that women have come to love and expect from our products.

KK: What are the top 3 best-selling Vasanti products?

Monal Patel: First is our Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, then our Eye Wonder Triple Action Peptide Eye Cream and our Wonders of the World Colour Correcting Concealer Duo.

Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
 Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision: BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision: EyeWonder 2.0. Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


 Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision: Wonder of the World Colour Correcting Concealer Duo. Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


KK: What is the story behind the first product you created?

PG: I used to work in Chicago at the luxury makeup and skincare studio, Marilyn Miglin. One day the owner walked in, looked my way and demanded her staff get some concealer on me. It was like a scene from The Devil Wears Prada! All the products the staff tried looked too white or ashy, and I became obsessed with my dark shadows but couldn’t find a product that worked. This situation fuelled the development of our Undereye Colour Corrector and Concealer


Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision: Under Eye Corrector Concealer. Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


KK: What is Vasanti’s greatest success to date?

Gargi Patel: Our biggest success is in the feedback we receive from our consumers and the thousands of positive reviews our products have garnered.

KK: How does Vasanti set itself apart from other beauty companies?

Priti Patel: Although the brand is inclusive of all skin types and colours, we quickly gained expertise in the under serviced, middle skin tone range. This includes a spectrum of tones that have an olive, brown or yellow undertone.

KK: What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome with your business?

PP: Self-doubt! For the first 6 – 7 years we would say to each other that if something big doesn’t happen in the next 6 months we are going to get out. But we believed in our products, didn’t give up, and caught our big break in 2007 when Shoppers Drug Mart picked up our products.”

KK: What is the most recent product you have launched and what is the inspiration behind it?

GP: The most recent product launch is our Brighten Up! New Skin Amplifying Moisturizer. It’s an aloe based, 98% natural moisturizer that works to provide hydration that is non-greasy and lasts all day. We wanted the product to instantly hydrate the skin and that is why aloe is the first ingredient and has the highest concentration.


Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision:  BrightenUp! New Skin Amplifying Moisturizer. Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


KK: What is each of your favourite product and why? 

PG: I love the Liquid Cover Up Oil-Free Concealer and Foundation. It colour corrects and conceals while brightening and looking super natural.

GP: The Gel Matte Lipsticks! They are infused with incredibly nourishing oils like cherry oil, primrose oil and pomegranate oil.

Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision: Love Brights Collection of gel matte lipsticks. Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


PP: More recently the Matte Crush Lipstick Pencils. I love how they feel and that they last all day. Even with the matte finish they never dry out my lips.

Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision:  Matte Crush lipstick pencils. Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


MP: Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuventor and Eye Wonder 2.0. They simply work. The Brighten Up! has made my skin look and feel smoother and the Eye Wonder 2.0 has definitely reduced a wrinkle I had brewing.

KK: What is one thing you wish consumers knew about Vasanti?

PG: We are truly dedicated to women looking and feeling their best. We don’t want to push women into looks they don’t feel comfortable in. We want to continue to make products that can help them express who they are.

Vasanti Cosmetics' beautiful vision
The sisters behind Vasanti Cosmetics’ beautiful vision:  Left to right: Priti Patel, Gargi Patel, Pinki Gosal, Monal patel (seated in centre). Photo Credit: Vasanti Cosmetics


KK: Where do you see your company in 10 years?

MP: We have spent the last 18 years putting our hearts and souls into developing the most innovative formulations in makeup and skincare. We will definitely continue on this track with more high performance products, but with a stronger emphasis on letting more women know about the products and how to use them.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

PG: Take a moment every day to remember what motivated you in the first place.  Exercise patience, and remain open to anything that may come across your path.

For more information on Vasanti Cosmetics click here to visit their website.

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