Issue 72 / Open Chest Power Series Interview With Nindy Kaur

Open Chest Power Series Interview With Nindy Kaur

Jun 05, 2017

I’m back after a long hiatus with the Open Chest Power Series style of interviews. (You know I don’t interview anyone who doesn’t inspire me, so if I have to wait until I come across someone who does, so be it.) This story is about a woman I have long admired for her subtle, elegant, and chic way of conquering the world of music. Meet global Bhangra-Bollywood superstar in my OPEN CHEST with Nindy Kaur.

Yes, I really mean “meet” her because although most of you know her as an artist that hails from the RDB alliance and a hot property playback singer in Bollywood, very few of you (if any), actually know the woman behind the brand that she has so carefully built. Why? Because that’s the way she wants it; her privacy is extremely important to her when she is not singing on stage or being the voice behind a famous actress on the big screen.

So, who is this elusive woman who prides herself in keeping her priorities straight —  first her son, then her husband, and then her brand? Whether you agree with her priority trajectory or not, one thing is for sure, I don’t think she really cares one way or the other if you do, because she is razor sharp clear on living her life by HER design.

Now, so you know, I’m not going to give you a bio synopsis here on her extensive song portfolio or on-stage performance repertoire, because honesty, that’s what Google and Wikipedia are for. What I suggest you do if you’re not familiar with her career path (wtf, what rock have you been living under?), is hit the two links above and search “Nindy Kaur” and bam! Then, after you’ve read and listened to everything there is to know about Nindy, come back here and read below to discover WHO SHE REALLY IS — why she was the reluctant superstar, why she always puts everyone else first, why she decided after the passing of her brother-in-law, Kuly (RDB founding member), to push through depression and take the bull by its horns and ram through the next phase of what she calls “the best phase of my life!”

Read on  . . .

CLICK HERE To Read the Full Interview with Nindy!



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