Issue 66 / Trend Report: Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive 2016

Trend Report: Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive 2016

Dec 28, 2016


(L-R) Arsalan Iqbal, Shehla Chatoor, Nida Azwar. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri

Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2016 was a three-day fashion event that ran from October 30 to November 1 in Karachi. Over 20 designers showcased their autumn/winter collections that suited several occasions, including weddings, festive parties, formal dinners, soirees and more.

The ensembles ranged from traditional lehengas and high-waisted ghahras to svelte gowns and pencil trousers. Heavy embroidery, intricate embellishments, geometrical cut-outs and pastels were seen in many collections. Also, the radiant red and gold was a top choice for bridal gowns among several designers. Gold was also a top-notch choice to showcase Mughal-esue pieces. Chiffon, silk and organza were some of the recurring fabrics infused in these festive couture. Here are some of the top trends at Fashion Pakistan Week 2016.


Mona Imran showcased her Spring/Summer 2016 bridal collection tilted Gold Rush at the winter festive event. This seemed pretty apt since her gold-infused collection had pieces that were festive and perfect for parties and weddings. Several other designers chose to combine gold and black or gold and red to embody elegance and panache. Shehla Chatoor’s bridal collection was mainly dominated by heavy gold embroidery with purple and red infusions. It was elegant, classy and on-point. Maheen Karim’s Tales of Vienna Woods was sprayed with gold and black ensembles ranging from figure-hugging gowns to capes and jumpsuits.

Shehla Chatoor. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Mona Imran. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Maheen Karim. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Arsalan Iqbal. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri



Baby pink, light blue, mint green and coral are some of the pastel shades sprinkled over ghagras and cholis. Jeem by Hamza Bokhari’s Naurooz was a bridal collection inspired by Persian art while pastels took over his ensemble pieces. Saira Rizwan’s collection was inspired by the Mughal era and architectural prints were the main focus of her collection. Darker hues were combined with pastels for many of her looks. Deepak Perwani’s ISHQ was flooded with an array of colours from pastels to gold and red. The pastel options were mainly mint green and coral.

Jeem by Hamza Bokhari’s “Naurooz.” Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Saira Rizwan. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Deepak Perwani. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri



Florals are not just a spring fling. They are highly coveted during festive season and are a delightful option on several bridal gowns. Nida Azwer’s collection was inspired by nature: signature bird motifs and floral patterns floored her collection. One ensemble that was my favourite and stood out for me was the beige/baby pink ghagra with delicately placed flowers. Deepak Perwani’s pastel couture also had several floral elements. Suffuse by Sana Yasir’s collection ‘Freesia’ was all about European influences and jewel elements. Floral options were also quite evident in her looks.

Nida Azwer. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Sana Yasir. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Deepak Perwani. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


FnK Asia. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri



While traditional dresses took over the runway, there were modern pieces that were simply hard to miss. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s Onyx collection was mainly dominated by the all-powerful black and one piece that stood out was a black cape and hood over a strapless gown. Capes were quite a popular number on the runway. Maheen Karim and Shehla Chatoor were among other designers to add the caped flare to their ensemble.

HSY Onyx. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Shehla Chatoor. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Maheen Karim. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri



Red is always a trend when it comes to bridal wear and the runway wasn’t short of red dresses. Red and gold was the winning combination among several designers. Saira Rizwan and Nida Azwer introduced intricately work on the ghagras as the red and gold gowns lit up the runway.

Nida Azwer. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Saira Rizwan. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Saira Rizwan. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Nida Aswer Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2016 - Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri
Nida Aswer. Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri


Main Image Photo Credit: Tapu Javeri 

Original Post Date: November 7, 2016 

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