Issue 21 / 4 Ways to Wear Coloured Eyeliner

4 Ways to Wear Coloured Eyeliner

Oct 29, 2015

Put the black kohl away and try something new with these coloured eyeliner looks.

Eyeliner has always been a must-have staple for the South Asian woman. Lining our eyes with thick, black kohl has always signified beauty and elegance in our culture. But, perhaps it's time to try something new. Coloured eyeliner has been gaining popularity in the last couple of years, on runways, celebrities and beauty gurus alike. With Diwali and the holiday season just around the corner, these coloured eyeliner looks are a step away from the traditional smokey eye, but will perfectly accentuate the gorgeous pops of colour in your sari, lengha or salwar kameez.

A Waterline Pop of Colour

Aishwarya Rai at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.
Photo Credit: India Today

If you are looking for something subtle with a big pop, simply line your waterline with a coloured eyeliner pencil. Go bright with teals and pinks, or try something sexier with dark colours like navy blue, forest green or eggplant purple.

Double the Colour

BeautyWithSam took winged eyeliner to a whole new level in the makeup tutorial below. She gorgeously paired purple and teal eyeliner for a bold and fierce look. She lined her top lid with teal eyeliner, creating a pretty thick line and winging it out at the ends. She then added purple to her waterline and connected it with the teal in the outer corners of her eyes. To make the colour really stand out, line your eyes first with black eyeliner.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Peter Som SS15

Photo Credit: Stylist

At last year’s Peter Som SS15 runway show, the models wore a very simple and natural makeup look, with just a pop of orange in the inner corners of their eyes. The result was stunning, and drew all the attention to their eyes. This little pop of colour can go a long way — show off your bold side and natural beauty all at the same time.

Neon Wonders

Nanette Leopore SS16

Photo Credit: WWD

If you are really feeling bold, take your eyeliner to new heights with neon. Nanette Leopore’s recent SS16 runway show in New York had models wearing very bright eyeliner, which was painted on quite thick. Some wore pink, while others donned a neon teal. The rest of the face was kept pretty bare, making the eyeliner the central focus.

Rosemina Nazarali


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