Issue 10 / Toronto's Fairmont Royal York Hotel Gets Ready For TWIFF3: Their Hot TIFF Bash At Celeb's Fave The Imperial Room

Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York Hotel Gets Ready For TWIFF3: Their Hot TIFF Bash At Celeb’s Fave The Imperial Room

Aug 14, 2015

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel rings in the Toronto International Film Festival with the annual TWIFF Black & White Party to be held in the prestigious Imperial Room.


Each year the Fairmont Royal York Hotel celebrates the arrival of the Toronto International Film Festival with its annual TWIFF event. The Black & White Party will be held on Thursday, August 27, 2015 and ANOKHI Media is a proud media sponsor of the must-not-be-missed event dubbed "the party of the year."

To make this evening even more memorable, the Black & White Party will be held in the prestigious Imperial Room, one of Toronto’s first nightclubs. For over 50 years, the 500-seat dining and dancing hall hosted performances by the likes of Ray Charles and Tony Bennett. 
Prior to the hotel’s revitalization in the 1990s, the Imperial Room was helmed by legendary show business maitre’d Louis Jenetta, who once infamously refused Bob Dylan’s entrance because he wasn’t wearing a tie.
Since then, the space has been converted into a lavish meeting and gala venue while retaining its tiered setting, wooden dance floor and permanent stage.

The Imperial Room in its full glory during the TWIFF2 event held last year at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. 
Photo Credit: Fairmont Royal York Hotel

ANOKHI Spotlight TV chats with Sonya Singh, the director of marketing and communications of The Fairmont Royal York Hotel, to learn about the exciting things lined up for this year’s event and the special DJ who is sure to knock your socks off.
“Believe it or not, back in the 1920s, this used to be the hottest nightclub in the city. We’ve had some amazing performers here [as well] as major influencers including [recently] Justin Beiber who had his birthday party here, with a special appearance by former U.S. President Bill Clinton,” Singh notes. “Tina Turner [was here] — perhaps you can probably see some of her heels dug into the dance floor.”

“The Fairmont Royal York Hotel is one of the tremendous milestones and historical landmarks of Toronto,” ANOKHI Media Founder and CEO Raj Girn says. “Many personalities have stayed here and have performed here [such as the] likes of Frank Sinatra [and] Ella Fitzgerald. Even the Queen stayed here. More so than that, there are so many events that have happened here [including] the IIFAs. If anyone out there thinks that this venue is not today’s or tomorrow’s venue, they are deadly wrong.”

Singh notes the popularity of the hotel extends further into the film word as being a prime location spot for Hollywood filmmaking. “Outside the fact that we’ve had performers here, we’ve also had actors here from Hollywood. Oscar award-winning movies have been shot here including Red, Cinderella Man and Mary Kate and  Ashley Olsen’s a New York Minute.”
“In celebration of the fact that Front Street is now open you can actually access the Fairmont Royal York Hotel through the front doors and this is why we wanted this to be the last and final party,” Singh continues. “It’s been a major revitalization project for the past three to four years. Not only have we seen construction outside, we’ve seen revitalization inside the hotel as well. We have brand new rooms and we’ve got essentially a brand new hotel inside as well as outside and it’s time to celebrate!”

Guests at last year's TWIFF2 party at Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto 
Photo Credit: Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Singh adds that even though it’s the last year for this event, there is cause to celebrate. “It’s the last TWIFF event and I’m really happy about it. It’s not time to be sad but it’s time to celebrate as we’ve won many awards and we’ve been nominated as well. Over time it’s been an exclusive event as we only sell about 500 tickets. You don’t get access to this room on a regular basis and so the fact that you get to come here and party like it’s 1920 is a huge deal for anybody coming to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.
"I’m also proud that we are bringing in a music producer (Chris Macintyre) that I have known for quite some time and he will curate the theme of the music for that night. And I think it’s going to leave an impression of the hotel that you’ve never seen before.” Singh enthused.


DJ and music producer Chris Macintyre  

Photo Credit: Fairmont Royal York Hotel

If you'd like to book and experience the Imperial Room for a special soiree or event, visit Don’t forget The Black & White Party will be held at the Fairmont Royal York on August 27, 2015 at 7 pm. For more ticket information, please visit And of course for more on our show, you can visit and our YouTube channel. And don’t forget to interact with us on Facebook and Instagram.
Main Image Photo Credit: Fairmont Royal York Hotel 


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