/ Editor's Note, Winter 2007

Editor’s Note, Winter 2007

Aug 05, 2013

Celebrating 5 Years of ANOKHI Magazine!

It’s hard to believe that ANOKHI has reached a five-year milestone. It means that celebrating this anniversary edition highlights 21 issues, 21 inspirational cover stories and more than 3,000 pages of editorial dedicated to South Asians living in the West who demand to be portrayed, seen and heard in ways that are relevant to them.

Celebrating this momentous occasion also means recognizing that South Asian culture is one of the most explored topics in the news today. And it was five years ago. It’s reassuring to know that the fascination, deliberation and curiousity over aspects of our culture are not simply a fad.

From day one, the ANOKHI team has been tasked with sifting through the chaotic worlds of fashion, beauty, pop culture, Hollywood and Bollywood, to pluck out the beautiful, the intelligent, the compassionate, the artistic, the outrageous and the hilarious. The result, and what you witness for yourselves every issue, is a testament to their creative instincts and very hard work. So hats off to my dedicated and passionate team, from right here in Toronto, to New York, Los Angeles, Delhi and Mumbai-you make me look good.

Since we launched five years ago, we’ve championed the idea of celebrating successful South Asian individuals. In fact, in my first editor’s note, I said, “It is time to explore how attaching both an East and West perspective to our lives has helped our generation assess and critically examine the frailties and imperfections bound within our culture and traditions, and alternatively, recognize and celebrate the individuals in our colourful community who are blazing trails.”

This editorial vision is how the ANOKHI Sexy & Successful List came about. And now, as an annual winter tradition, we’re back with our 2008 lineup-see who made the cut on page 72. We have a whopping 37 success stories to share with you this year! The beautiful Karen David, soulful singer and songwriter, with an acting career to boot, graces our cover and kicks off the List for this very special anniversary issue. From movie stars and television stars, to activists and entrepreneurs, to fashion mavens and corporate tycoons, we’ve searched around the world to bring you the names you want to know. The S&S List is also an opportunity to feature those coming of age fresh faces. Who is the next Kal Penn, Russell Peters, Padma Lakshmi, Manish Malhotra? This is your chance to find out. Because our job entails not only capturing the “now” moments but also the future ones, it’s our chance to be historians as well as forecasters.

Thank you for letting us know how much you have loved ANOKHI Magazine over the years and for all your feedback on how to make it better. Your input is always valued and helps us shape every issue.

The best part of working on an anniversary issue, besides the nostalgia that comes with thinking of years past and friendships forged, is to look forward into the future. So cheers to many more years of ANOKHI. We know you’ll be there for the ride!

Pamela Arora


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