Publisher's Message, Winter 2007

Celebrating 5 Years of ANOKHI Magazine! This is always a magical time of year for me because it marks another anniversary and yet another year in publishing a magazine that has become known as the number one fashion, lifestyle and entertainment quarterly of its kind in Canada and the U.S.–not to mention, the longest running. You’ll have to excuse me here but a


Neera's Get The Dish

Dining Light If you dined light for lunch, perhaps you are feeling extra healthy and virtuous today. And that’s supposed to be a good thing. However, according to a new study researchers say you are more likely to reach for a high-fat dessert or calorie-packed afternoon snack than your co-workers who feel they had a heartier meal. In a study conducted by Brian Wansink, Ph.D., food psychologist and author of Mindless


Editor's Note, Winter 2007

Celebrating 5 Years of ANOKHI Magazine! It’s hard to believe that ANOKHI has reached a five-year milestone. It means that celebrating this anniversary edition highlights 21 issues, 21 inspirational cover stories and more than 3,000 pages of editorial dedicated to South Asians living in the West who demand to be portraye


Celeb Hair Stylist Shares His Top 5 Secret Weapons

Renowned hair stylist and owner of a beautiful up-scale salon in Yorkville, Toronto, Tony Chaar has worked his magic on the tresses of celebs like Cate Blanchett and Leelee Sobieski, and graced the sets of international magazine shoots for Harper’s Baazar and Elle. Now he shares, exclusively with ANOKHI readers, his top five favourite essential styling products for every South Asian wo



    A Splash of Spice, A Cup of Rice Imagine this: everyone is coming home from work and school in 30 minutes, the house is in disarray; you’re balancing your cell phone with your spatula and happen to slip on a banana peel that escaped from the compost box. What gives! Breathe easy: ...


  • UK Picks for Bollywood Flicks!

    Visit Bollywood on Location in Britain Bollywood’s in love with Britain. Last year, nearly 200 Indian movies were partially filmed in the British Isles. With continuing popularity of NRI plots, tax ...


  • Hollywood Yogi

    Director David Lynch is Transforming Youth with Meditation Hollywood director David Lynch hasn’t missed a meditation session in 33 years. While spiritual fads come and go in the entertainment ...


  • Bachchan Climbs Out of the Bollywood Box

    While The Last Lear may have been Bachchan’s first foray into English, it is by no means his last. He has a supporting role in this year’s Shantaram, star ...


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