/ Beauty School, Winter 2006

Beauty School, Winter 2006

Aug 08, 2013


Benzoyl Peroxide

An anti-acne medication found in creams that destroy acnegenic bacteria and inhibit the sebaceous glands from over-production of oil. An effective solution, it can be found in 2.5%, 5% and 10% formulas. May dry out skin temporarily.


A natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent that is usually found in toners, aftershaves and post-waxing products. Has the potential to calm irritation and soothe the skin.


An ingredient that draws moisture from the air to keep skin or hair moisturized.

Silica/Silicon Dioxide

An ingredient found in many products today, it is made up of tiny particles (think of them like clear jelly) that absorb oil. It can act as an absorbent, anti-shine and anti-caking ingredient. Because it doesn’t break down easily, it can also be topically used to temporarily fill in wrinkles and is frequently used in foundations and primers.


A Chicken a Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

You’ve heard Oprah say it, and it’s true – the days you don’t eat protein are the days you age. Protein is crucial to the skin’s ability to repair itself from all the environmental damage it faces. It also aids in collagen production and keeps all the face muscles taut, which is ultimately where wrinkles start. Think of protein as your first internal defense against aging. You should include a portion of protein with every meal.

Beautiful Yogi

We all know that yoga is beneficial in many ways. It clears the mind and relaxes the body, but it can also help your skin in the aging department. As with most exercise, yoga gives a boost to the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your skin. Inverted poses such as head and handstands intensify this, counteracting some of the “gravitational effects” of aging. It increases circulation in the whole body, helping to detoxify environmental aggressions and firm all the muscles, including those in the face. Yoga also has been proven to cause a nourishing effect on hair follicles, producing healthier and thicker hair. It can even help to prevent premature graying. In general, yoga promotes a stressfree lifestyle, and stress is a major contributing cause of aging. Yoga creates a feeling of peace and centeredness, and when you feel great on the inside, you look great on the outside.


A Japanese monk once visited a sake brewery in Kobe only to discover that the workers, although elderly and wrinkled, had hands with the amazingly youthful skin of children. After a series of experiments, a liquid extract from the yeast fermentation process was found to have extraordinary properties. And a legend was born. The liquid, called Pitera, is a magical blend of vitamins, minerals, amino and organic acids and antioxidants. It is the key ingredient in SK II, a line of skincare that has long been a cult favourite around the world. The line delivers results of clearer, smoother, balanced, radiant and renewed skin.



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