/ Editor's Note, Winter 2005

Editor’s Note, Winter 2005

Aug 08, 2013

Our winter issue is my favourite because of what has become an annual tradition. It’s the time of the year when we feature, up close and personal, a handful of truly anokhi individuals in our Sexy & Successful List. They have brilliant success stories to share, and it’s their uncompromising talent and perseverance that keep us so intrigued. We hope you enjoy reading about these inspirational and captivating men and women from around the world as much as we enjoyed putting these profiles together, so flip to page 78 to see who made the List this year!

And who knew winter could be so dreamy? Our fashion section showcases pages of decadence and rich silhouettes. Our beauty pages profile a makeup artist who launched his own line, which was inspired by his love for colour when he was a little boy. And guys, we have a straightforward Q&A session with an expert to help you debunk the longstanding beliefs about men’s skincare.

This issue also explores some topics that are important to our generation and to the relationships that we hold dear to us. Many young couples are starting families, but what happens when we don’t get pregnant right away or can’t conceive at all? Monica V, in her relationship column, outlines the options available to couples. And learn about one woman’s struggle with infertility and the various ways she tries to deal with her desperation and sadness in Percolator Talk’s And What If Baby Doesn’t Make Three?

For some of us, before we can reach a level of committment that comes with starting a family, we have to rough it through relationship woes that may include the big “C” word. If you’ve ever cheated or been cheated on, you know that twisted feeling in the pit of your stomach. How does one cope and understand why it happened? Check out Cheating: A Survivor’s Manual to help recognize where faithful turns to fraudulence.

As always, hope you enjoy.

Pamela Arora

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