/ Top 5 Brewpubs in India

Top 5 Brewpubs in India

Jan 24, 2014

The Biere Club, Bangalore

One look at their website and you know their intentions. Their home page reads: “This is not an attempt to be righteous or anything . . . Our hope is to introduce you to beer in a manner never done before.” And they keep their promise. Over 100 different kinds of fresh beer have flowed out of their taps and six distinct flavours are available at any given time. The first microbrewery in southern India, The Biere Club is also one of the most happening watering holes in Bangalore. Try their complex, flavourful and aromatic ales or the crisp, refreshing lager. “But once you’ve sipped our wiet, you’re sure to forget all fresh beer you’ve ever tasted,” says Vishal Nagpal, the pub’s director of operations.

The freshly crafted beer is complimented with an exquisite menu offering Middle Eastern, Turkish, Spanish and Greek dishes. The pub’s newly-opened chophouse specializes in steaks, chops and other grills and their menu is designed with meat lovers in mind. You can join a game of Biere Poker or Biere Brains or sing karaoke. And if you enjoy a few too many drinks on Friday or Saturday evening, the weekend hangover breakfast will do you a lot of good.

Vapour, Gurgaon

The MGF Megacity Mall on Mahatma Gandhi Road in Gurgaon has a new group of patrons — pub crawlers looking to enjoy craft beer and hang out at Vapour Brewpub. With ingredients imported from Bamber, Germany, this microbrewery offers a variety of beers and unique beer-tails like Ersh, Hangman’s Blood and Vapour’s Kula. For foodies, they offer a great mix of Oriental, Mediterranean, Continental and Indian dishes. Though their guests usually line up for their premium and dark varieties, wheat and rice beers are also served at this happening brewpub. It’s ladies’ night out every Tuesday and Saturdays are club night with special entertainment. “But what attracts people to Vapour is the different kinds of dining spaces — the lounge, private dining and a terrace — where our guests can enjoy their food and beer,” says Vikram Seam, the head of entertainment at Vapour. So, whenever you’re in Gurgaon, don’t forget Vapour.

Barleyz, Bangalore

Spread over two floors, this 30,000 square-foot place is a beer garden, a microbrewery, a fine dining establishment, a contemporary restaurant and a café. The sky lounge and the BBQ garden restaurant provide the perfect setting for hanging out, relaxing and unwinding with great food, music and of course, a mug of golden fizz. Try their freshly brewed ales and lagers — Belgium Wit, German Lager, English Pale Ale, Irish Stout and American Blonde — but don’t forget their award-winning Indian Jaggery Ale which most new visitors try first. “It won a silver medal in Ireland at the 2013 Dublin Craft Beer Cup,” says Ashish Jauhri, co-founder and director of Barleyz. Barleyz appeals to the young and the old alike with a microbrewery, a bakery and coffee shop, and an Indo-Chinese specialty restaurant with a kids play section, all on the top floor. The paprika chicken, tandoori mushrooms, chatpate aloo and the malai broccoli are popular barbecue snacks, and the yam and anjeer kababs at the buffet will have you going back for more.

The BrewMaster, Ludhiana

Blondie, Amber, Brunette. No, we’re not describing women. These are the names of some of the fresh beers served on tap at the BrewMaster in Ludhiana, Punjab’s first microbrewery. Add Ice Brew, Dark Porter and a few beer cocktails such as the Beer Bomb and Raging Bull and you get a selection that their patrons love. Located on the third floor of the Westend Mall, The BrewMaster doesn’t invite you only for a tall cold one. They also offer flavoured beers and zero alcohol beer for those who like the atmosphere of watering holes but don’t care for the alcohol. Mexican, Japanese, Continental and Indian cuisines are served at their Mix Fine Dine restaurant which offers private dining and buffet spreads. And they host live DJ sessions at the Chaos Lounge and Nightclub. “Our guests are truly fond of the sumptuous teppanyaki food and the Brunette beer we serve, and they like to come here again and again to taste them,” says Naveen Uniyal, the general manager.

Manhattan, Gurgaon

This brewpub, located in the Global Foyer mall in Gurgaon, bubbles with activity and loads of beer every day of the week and its owners ensure that their patrons have reason to visit frequently. A band performs every Thursday, fashion labels showcase their collections for visitors and, hey, there’s fresh beer. Manhattan offers two kinds of wheat beer on tap — the Hefeweizen with a German touch and the Belgian Wit served with an orange garnish. Few patrons know that they also serve an authentic stout with a blend of nitrogen for a creamy finish. Ask their expatriate clients and they’ll tell you they love the Indian Pale Ale served at Manhattan because it is full of character, hop aroma and bitterness. “Our guests love to enjoy their beer watching live events, sports matches or videos playing on our 30-foot-long screen. This has been one of our main draws besides the flavourful beer,” says Ishan Grover, the brew master and business head at Manhattan. There are also four virtual gaming screens that patrons of all ages enjoy. And the menu includes German, Continental, American, European, Indian, Italian and Lebanese food. “Our wood-fired pizzas are the most sought-after dish,” says Grover. “People queue up for it every time.”



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