6 Psychological Thrillers You Don't Want to Miss

Don't we just love a good psychological thriller? Especially the ones you didn’t see coming. What better way to keep ourselves occupied and safe from the pandemic than by binging on some seriously good psychological thrillers. So let’s have a look at which films left us with our jaws wide open and made us question our own sanity.


One-On-One Chat With Breakout Star Geraldine Viswanathan Of "The Broken Hearts Gallery"

Australian actress Geraldine Viswanathan (Hala, Bad Education) shines in her latest film The Broken Hearts Gallery. Written and directed by Canadian director Natalie Krinsky and executive produced by Selena Gomez, Viswanathan sits down and shares with us her thoughts on landing the film, the magic of


A Must Watch! "The Broken Hearts Gallery" Celebrates The Remnants Of Love

Geraldine Viswanathan dazzles in The Broken Hearts Gallery, an agreeably quirky rom-com executive-produced by Selena Gomez. A young woman struggles to master the art of moving on in a thoroughly charming little romantic comedy that offers the perfect showcase for the wit and charisma of up-and-comer Geraldine Viswanathan


5 Reasons We Love Netflix Show "Masaba Masaba" and You Will Too

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta launched her new series on Netflix and people can't stop talking about it. Here are 5 reasons why you need to check out Masaba Masaba!  The semi-autobiographical show premiered on Netflix is gaining rave reviews, and rightfully so. Paired up with her mom Neena, the Gupta woman play fictionalized versions of themselves


  • Twitter Trashes "Dangerous" The Latest Film By Ram Gopal Varma

     The new marketing promos for Dangerous was announced on twitter by the film's director, by the Ram Gopal Varma.  The series of seductive images immediately received backlash for the apparent fetishization of lesbians. What gives? We take a closer look at this tone deaf approach by the Bollywo ...


  • Get Streaming! Binge On These September 2020 Movies & Shows From Bollywood & Beyond

    It's time to get some fresh content streaming! Here are some great September 2020 movies and shows to check out from Bollywood and beyond!    Bhuj: The Pr ...


  • Log Kya Kahengi: 5 Reasons Why Cancelling "Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj" Is A Huge Mistake

    With Netflix deciding to cancel Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, the riveting political commentary show which will be ending their six-year run has set social media ablaze. Here are 5 reasons w ...


  • Get Streaming! Binge On These August 2020 Movies & Shows From Bollywood & Beyond

    Check out our list of super cool shows and movies to discover (and rediscover) this August 2020. Raat Akeli Hai D ...


  • Tune In Today! Virtual Fundraising Concert By Rukus Avenue & UN In Honour Of World Day Against Trafficking In Persons

    Today a partnership with Rukus Avenue Music Group and the United Nations will bring to you their virtual fundraising concert to mark World Day Against Trafficking In Persons. Hosted by Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino and including a global roster of performers and participants, we tell you why ...


  • Turn It Up! 7 Best Concert Films To Stream At Home

    With summer in full force, many of us are missing the concerts and film festivals that were happily jotted into our shiny new calendars at the beginning of 2020. And then, 2020 happened. While concerts might not be a reality anytime soon, you can still gather your small squad and watch concert f ...


  • Saroj Khan (1948-2020): 10 Iconic Songs From The Legendary Choreographer

    When we woke to the heartbreaking news of the passing of iconic choreographer Saroj Khan, we immediately started thinking of the hundreds upon hundreds of songs which she ha ...


  • Get Streaming! Binge On These July 2020 Movies & Shows From Bollywood & Beyond

    Check out our list of cool July 2020 movies and shows from Bollywood and beyond that are getting released online!   Dil Bechara ...


  • Take A Mental Break & Check Out These 5 South Asian Comedians For Some Serious LOLs

    This year continues to be one for the record books. And we get so caught up in the headlines that we forget that sometimes we need to take a break and laugh. Laughter is often described as the best medicine and making time for it can be helpful for our mental health so whether you feel like divi ...


  • Get Streaming! Binge On These June 2020 Movies & Shows From Bollywood & Beyond

    Although some places are now starting to open up from the COVID-19 closure, the theatres are still closed and therefore a lot of filmmakers have started releasing series and films on streaming websites. So check out our June 2020 streaming list of films and tv series from Bollywood and beyond, t ...


  • Take Pride In These 7 Books By South Asian LGBTQIA+ Authors

    As we are in Pride month, there are plenty of ways to support LGBTQIA+ while also educating yourself on the struggles and celebrations of the community. Their stories need to be told — and read. So here are top 7 books to read by penned by those from the South Asian LGBTQIA+ world.   ...


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