/ Let Love In, Fall 2014

Let Love In, Fall 2014

Oct 07, 2014

Advice on Dating, Relationships and Love by guest relationship expert Yvonne Sinniah

I know in this day and age it’s generally accepted to date someone outside of your ethnic, racial and religious circles. I, myself, have always dated women from the same background as me. Recently I’ve started considering women from other backgrounds but I’m not sure we’d be compatible and I worry what my conservative family will think. What should I do?

Dating someone outside your race will require you to be more sensitive to the history of that race and the dynamics it brings to the relationships. So ensure you are ready for a relationship that will require you to be open-minded and sensitive to the others’ perspectives. Openness and sensitivity will enable the right conversations for a long-lasting relationship.

What are your thoughts on spirituality and religion? Let your answers to this question be your guide on whether you want to explore women of other religious backgrounds. Your ability to respect another’s spiritual journey will determine the success of your relationship. It’s also important to ask your date what her thoughts are on religion and spirituality and how a relationship with two different religions would look. This is not a first date question but something that you need to ask before choosing to date someone long-term.

Your relatives may bring up issues and perspectives that are troubling. Hear them out while staying true to who you are and what you want for your life. Remember that family members mean well however they are also human and will sometimes voice perspectives that come from fears from their own past. Have a detached but compassionate view on your family’s thoughts and feelings and acknowledge you have heard them.

I’m very confident in my own style; however, I want to get a man’s attention and I’m not sure my fashion sense will work. What should I think about before heading out on that shopping spree?

Men are beautiful and simple creatures that have a great sense of intuition. After speaking to quite a few men in my line of work, I have come to understand that their impression of a woman is very much based on how confident she is, the energy she puts out and how well she takes care of herself. There is seemingly a “wow factor” that men have to feel when they see a woman so find your best features and play them up with these recommended looks. Remember that a first date is about leaving a lasting impression and enough mystery for a man to want a second date.

1. Au Naturel

Guys love a girl that looks as natural as possible. Too much make up or foundation that doesn’t match makes them think you’re fake and that’s one sure way to turn a man off. Au naturel is appealing to men because they feel that they can read a woman easier when she’s being herself.

2. Mysterious & Sexy

Don’t show too much skin here ladies. This look is about being sexy and mysterious at the same time. Create a smoky eye look but use a nude lipstick to take it down a notch. Put your hair up and show some neck, just enough to draw him close to you. Finally, when it comes to choosing your outfit, I’m all for showing your best features but not all at the same time.

3. Classy & Classic

With the classy and classic look, or the Princess Kate Middleton look, a man wants to show you off to his mom and can picture parading you around on his arm at a wedding. To get this look modest attire that’s classy and timeless is key. This look says that you are a long-term woman.

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Yvonne Sinniah, founder of Love Inspired, hosts inspirational social networking spaces across the Greater Toronto Area. Sinniah’s passion is to create opportunities for today’s individuals to tap into their inner strength to achieve peace and happiness in all aspects of life. She is on a mission to meet a need in today’s society where human relationships and showing love and kindness to one another is a lost art. www.loveinspired.ca



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