Publisher's Message, Fall 2014

Sowing Your Seeds for Success The concept of failure doesn’t exist in my universe today because I subscribe to the ideology that we ourselves are the curators of our own realities. In mine, there is no failure-based reality, just success. Now I’m not saying that everything I do, or everything that’s done to me, is sunshine and roses; no. I’m just denoting that the multitude of struggles and challenges that I&rsq


Open Chest Interview with Siva Kaneswaran

The Man. The Mission. The Manifestation. The dashingly suave and dangerously handsome Siva Kaneswaran, member of the uber-popular British boy band The Wanted, initiated a critical decision at the height of the band’s fame that sent him on a 180 to discover who he could be in his most liberated form. The quest for “Siva” took flight as the band announced a sho


Thoughts from the Editor-In-Chief, Fall 2014

The Neighbourhood of Fashion An anthropologist by hobby, I love to sit at a cafe and people-watch, dreaming up backstories of each person who catches my eye. As someone who loves fashion, one thing that stands out to me is the person’s ensemble. To me it’s a reflection of the neighbourhood or the city they’re from or the person’s cultural or economic standing. Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover



A self-confessed travel junkie, our Editor-in-Chief recalls her solo summer trip to Italy. I love to travel solo. It all started in university when I decided to stop waiting for my friends and set off to explore the world, one vacation at a time. Sure, travelling sans pals can be intimidating, but if I hadn’t taken the plunge, my home would be devoid of trinkets, my wardrobe of fashion and my mind of the memories. Most im


  • Wellness Watch, Fall 2014

    Power Nap to Power Up Our always-on lifestyles are cutting deeper and deeper into our sleep. Well, a nap might be just what you need to counter that loss. Sleep scientists are finding evidence that naps are the solution to our sleep deprivation. While getting enough zzzs at night is the g ...


  • Caffeine: The Latest Facts Revealed

    Any serious (and honest) coffee drinker will tell you that they need their coffee fix because of the caffeine. And the truth is, caffeine is a stimulant to which you can easily find yourself addicted. Yet more and more studies have shown that moderate caffeine consumption can help lower your risk of ...


  • The Lentil Hunter

    Canadian chef Michael Smith jet sets around the world hunting for lentil recipes. Renowned chef, host of Chef Michael’s Kitchen, ...


  • Fitness Gear

    The ONE Best Feature to Look For As you go about your workout regime, it’s important to recognize there are many tools out there that can help you on your journey. Here’s a list of the most important features to look for when purchasing some of the most used fitness gear. ...


  • Arora Borealis: Manish Arora Lets Us Into His Galaxy Of Fearless Fashion

    Manish Arora does a lot of everything. He’s designed jewelry, watches, eyewear and even home accessories. The Delhi-based fashion designer has participated in London Fashion Week and showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The first Indian designer to show at Paris Fashion Week, ...


  • Clean Green Beauty

    A look at how natural and organic beauty brands are cutting out chemicals and giving back to the environment. Whether you’re washing your face with a drugstore cleanser or slathering on night cream, it’s likely you haven’t read the long list of ingredients on the label. ...


  • Let Love In, Fall 2014

    Advice on Dating, Relationships and Love by guest relationship expert Yvonne Sinniah I know in this day and age it’s generally accepted to date someone outside of your ethnic, racial and religious circles. I, myself, have always dated women from the same back ...


  • Fitness Fortune

    Hot, new start-up ClassPass gives consumers flexibility and choice when it comes to fitness classes. We’ve all been there. You want to get fit but the gym isn’t working for you. Group fitness will make getting into shape fun; Right? Wait. The gym membership you paid an unreaso ...


  • The Social Media Soapbox

    Taking a closer look at how it’s becoming the go-to place to air all sorts of dirty laundry. Whether it’s a dramatic post-breakup rant in your Facebook news feed, a heated Twitter spat, or a meme-meant-to-jab on Instagram, social media has become an oft-used communication tool ...


  • Star Branding

    Koral Dasgupta’s new book teaches academics and film fans alike how to market themselves like Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Growing up, Koral Dasgupta never imagined that her fascination with Bollywood’s favourite movie star would one day make her an author. She was just ...



    HONG KONG, CHINA From July 7 to 10, ...


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