Issue 45 / PFDC Fashion Week's Couture Of Contrasts

PFDC Fashion Week’s Couture Of Contrasts

Apr 11, 2016

PFDC kicked off the 9th annual Sunsilk Fashion Week recently and the looks lured us with breezy Bohemian styles, art deco, retro renaissance, working-class chic and sports luxe. The running theme was athletic yet luxurious; artistic yet architectural.

Art Deco Meets Easy, Breezy Bohemian

Designer Sana Safinaz added touches of Bohemian beguilement to whispy whites and lingerie lace in Day 1 of the four-day PFDC Fashion Week during the evening Luxury/Prêt Show, in her Spring/Summer 2016 collection called Sugar Rush. 

Carrying on the global colour scheme of pastel palettes, she also did sports luxe bomber jackets, tracks and boxy yet billowing tunics — but even these featured a Bohemian-esque flair that married the artistic with the athletic. Structures ranged from the structure-less to slightly architectural with still a certain softness to the style.

Styles were pristine with peekaboo lace. The evening dresses of both Fahad Hussayn and Nickie Nina had a relaxed, artisanal look with Bohemian touches and simple artistic embellishment. Nina’s use of French lace in particular was breathtakingly boudoir but the styles were sexy in an au courant sort of way. By contrast, both Natasha Kamal’s daywear and evening looks were more restrained with minimalistic-style art deco — completely stunning culture contrasts blended together for uber-femininity and modernity. The overall effect was completely stunning with floral cutwork framed in sharp colour schemes.


Look from Natasha Kamal
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Look from Sana Safinaz's 'Sugar Rush' Collection (Spring/Summer 2016)
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Retro Renaissance
Designer Feeha Jamshed showed off her collection entitled Bob Squad — reminiscing in '70s fashion and music, and full-out '60s psychedelia with modernized prints and cut combinations of traditional and Western wear. Versatile, trend-setting jumpsuits and textured layerings of flowers, pearls, beads and sequins on silk, organza and cotton were some of the sightings at the Luxury/Prêt segment of the Sunsilk Fashion Show.

The designer duo Saira Shakira’s (Saira Faisal and Shakira Usman together) latest collection, entitled Eclectic Retro, featured kurtis and tunics with tilla work, fringes, gotta and needlework. The looks were reminiscent of the sort of thing Bollywood actor Zeenat Aman would have worn in the sixties; Aman happened to be well ahead of her time in terms of style, anyway.

Look from Feeha Jaamshed's 'Bob Squad'
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Look from 'Muse'
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Sports Luxe Runs Into Street Wear
The sports luxe designs of Designer Muse may have featured track pants, sweatshirts and sporty dresses in Luxury/Pret collection titled LastNIght, but the looks were anything but casual. The "athletic" (I'm totally using the term loosely) designs were decadent with luxurious fabrics such as silk, cotton silk and knitwear.

The House of Arslan Iqbal showcased their Western-inspired Devolution Chic collection which took ideas from street art around the world. Different cityscapes from cities such as London, Tokyo, New York, Barcelona and Cape Town were crafted into mystical prints with patterns of block printing done with calligraphy and polka dots. The result was structured silhouettes that morphed into tunics, skirts, edgy jumpsuits and tops and wide palazzo flared pants.

Look from Sana Safinaz's 'Sugar Rush' Collection
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Look from House of Arslan Iqbal
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Working-class Class

Designer Gulam Dastgir showed his Ettal Abbey and Bavarian Peasants collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in the rising talent segment. His designs were inspired by the most famous church in Bavaria, Germany and the working class population of that province. Wool, floral lace, karandi, silk and leather were the main fabrics used. 

The designs were experimental with 3D flowers, cutwork, and braiding. Designer Sania Maskatiya’s daywear designs included western-inspired cuts and patterns with wrap-around tops and flared trousers that looked like they meant business.

Look from Sania Maskatiya
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Look from 'Bank Alfalah'
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Cappuccino Chic
My favourite trend of all at PFDC Fashion Week had to be the muted coffee-coloured neutral collection of Maria.B in the Luxury/Pret finale on Day 1. Understated, the designer's Spring/Summer 2016 looks feature pure silks, chiffons, organza and embellishments of Swarovski crystals and pearls. Minimalisitic and modern the collection had peplum jackets, boot cut pants, crop tops (yes they’re still in if they look like this) and kimono sleeves in internationally-inspired silhouettes. Love, love, love. 

This is the kind of couture that can be carried over from daywear to well . . . dawn if you’re the partying type and so inclined.  Ruffles, ruffles, everywhere and flare A-line tops and trousers alike. Colours were neutral but warm, sandy beige, cappuccino, dove, but the cuts were anyting but. Drink this in.

Look from MariaB
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Look from MariaB
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