Masterji of Movement: Saroj Khan On Bollywood Dance And Today's Reigning Screen Queens

Masterji of Bollywood dance opens up to ANOKHI about her start in the biz, the evolution of film dance and her take on today's reigning screen queens. Song and dance are synonymous with Bollywood cinema. You cannot have one without the other. It's iconic. It's history. It's symmetry. It's balance. It's natural. So when, now iconic dance choreographer Saroj Khan strutted into Bollywood


PFDC Fashion Week's Couture Of Contrasts

PFDC kicked off the 9th annual Sunsilk Fashion Week recently and the looks lured us with breezy Bohemian styles, art deco, retro renaissance, working-class chic and sports luxe. The running theme was athletic yet luxurious; artistic yet architectural. Art Deco Meets Easy, Breezy Bohemian   Designe


The Powerful Politicos Who Don't Believe In Climate Change

Climate change has a heavy place in today's political circles. For some it's just a matter of fact. For others it's more of an opinion. And those in the latter hold some of the more powerful offices in the land.   What is climate change exactly? It’s a relatively new topic that tends to elicit — depending on who you ask — fear, outrage or eye rolls.   Scientifically,


My Personal Journey On Having Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a medical condition that needs to be discussed and understood. Here is one woman's journey that helps ensure that the cultural taboo surrounding this illness is broken.    Epilepsy. This is a word that many have heard and immediately associate with seizures. But what is epilepsy? Who can get it? How many people are affected? Are there any cures? There are many myths and stigmas. To answer


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