Two Sisters Tell Us How They Went From Social To A Store With Little Sister Baking

Entering the food business is always a risky choice. Especially during such economically trying times. However Akash Swar a Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef, decided to satisfy her cravings for Mumbai street food by giving it a twist: she married her training in European baking with her favourite South Asian ingredients. From posting her freshly baked treats on Instagram, requests started pouring in. Her sister Tanvi an advertising executive,


Mindful Ways To Prepare Yourself For Your Move Back To The Office

Now that the world is looking beyond the pandemic, companies are also looking ahead when it comes to reopening their offices and bringing back their staff. Even though that change was expected, shifting back to the office after working from him for a year and a half can be mentally stressful. Here are some mindful ways to get yourself prepared to head back to the office. Just because change is brought upon by positive circumstances, t


Luxury Realtor Sahil Punni Of Homelife G1 Realty Tells You What To Expect In A Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market

When it comes to this fast moving space, separating fact from fiction is important especially when you are looking to make the biggest purchase of your life. This is where award-winning realtor, Sahil Punni of Homelife G1 Realty  shares with us the key markers you should look for when shopping in a post-


The High Cost of Unwellness: Mental Health Issues In The Workplace Is Costing Us More Than You Think

Once you’ve seen it, it’s a number you can never unsee: mental health issues cost the Canadian economy a whopping $6 billion a year in lost productivity. With COVID-19 leaving employees more stressed than ever, today’s workplaces are facing a mental health crisis of epic proportions. Dr. Monica Vermani looks at the underlying causes and solutions to this pervasive problem. Dr. Monica Vermani is a Clinical Psychologist specializi


  • Marketing Hall Of Fame Recipient Sharifa Khan Shares The 4 Biggest Misconceptions Companies Have When They Are Trying To Get Our Attention

    Sharifa Khan, founder and CEO of Balmoral Multicultural Marketing, just made history by breaking a glass ceiling as Canada’s first multicultural marketer to be inducted into the coveted ...


  • Raj Baddhan Has Big Plans For The Airwaves As The Newly-Minted CEO Of Lyca Media

    Award-winning journalist Raj Baddhan is tapped to be the new CEO for Lyca Media, the home of UK's three South Asian radio channels. He shares with us his rise to the top and his big plans for Lyca Radio. Back in 2014 there was a huge buzz in the industry when t ...


  • You Need To Be Here! The Open Chest Confidence Academy Breaks Registration Records With Raj Girn's First Free Masterclass

    Starting today, Monday April 26, Raj Girn founder and CEO of The Open Chest Confidence Academy will be holding an exclusive free masterclass for her global audience. Titled "The 6-Step Guide That Celebrities Use To Guarantee World-Class Brand Presence + Dispelling The 4 Myths That Will S ...


  • Capturing Your Midlife Magic: A Step-By-Step Process To Rediscovering Your True Calling

    When it comes to hitting midlife (in your 40s), sometimes it's tough to recalibrate and find that magic, especially when it comes to your true calling. Kavita Ahuja, founder of Power Purpose Play is "supportive community for women embracing growth through personal reinvention in midlife" gives u ...


  • Find Out How TIDL Sport Convinced MMA Icon Conor McGregor To Believe In Their Brand

    When it comes to launching a brand, one of the key strategies is signing on a well known face. So how did TIDL Sport, a brand new plant-based recovery product that's part of ...


  • Dr. Amy Shah Tells Us Why Exhaustion Doesn't Have To Be Your New Normal In Her Latest Book "I'm So Effing Tired"

    When it comes to feeling exhausted we have been conditioned to think that it's normal. Dr. Amy Shah is here to dispel that myth with her latest book "I'm So Effing Tired: A Proven Plan To Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy and ...


  • Masala Bhangra Rings In 20 Years & Keeps The World Moving During The Pandemic

    Celebrating 20 years is no small feat for any business. Especially when it comes to the business of fitness & dance. Sarina Jain founder of Masala Bhangra is in that group of except ...


  • SRC Partners Tells Us How They Are Bridging Cultural Gaps In The Entertainment Industry

    We chat with Sandhya Jain-Patel and Rohi Mirza Pandya co-founders of Sandhya Rohi Culture Partners aka SRC Partners about their unique focus on bridging the entertainment industry's notorious cultural gaps and blindspots.  Meet The Co-Founders of SRC Partners: Sandhy ...


  • The COVID-19 "Shecession" Can Be Devastating For Women’s Livelihood

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020. We take a look at how the COVID-19 economic fallout has hit women especially hard.  The economic downturn propelled by COVID-19 is creating a dire situation for women across the world. Not only is gender inequality ...


  • Neetu Godara, Co-Founder Of SoCIAL LITE Vodka Talks About How Persistence Got Her A Winning Drink

    Neetu Godara the co-founder of SoCIAL LITE Vodka shared with us how she broke into the the vodka scene, the value of immediate consumer feedback and why cold-calling works.  With the Holiday season upon us, many of us are meeting (virtually, of course) for office, family, and social get ...


  • Work Life: Chatting With One Of IKEA's Hottest Designers Akanksha Deo Sharma

    Akanksha Deo Sharma is one of IKEA's hottest designers (and the only Indian one!). Blending her vibrant Indian roots with the clean lines of IKEA's Scandinavian designs, Deo Sharma flawlessly creates home décor items for everyone to love. ANOKHI caught up with her for a little décor dish. ...


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