/ Open Chest Interview with Nelly Furtado

Open Chest Interview with Nelly Furtado

Aug 06, 2013

An Artist With Substance & Spunk

They say good things come in threes. If Whoa Nelly! (2000), Folklore (2003) and Loose (2006) are anything to go by, they would be right. These distinctly different albums read like a diary, which depicts the multifaceted journey of singer-songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Nelly Furtado. Born December 2nd, 1978, Nelly rose from chambermaid to Grammy Award-winning global superstar in 2002. She says that her ongoing love affair with music “is like a metaphor for life. I feel like if you can get down with any style of music, you can get down with any style of person”. (Rolling Stone, June 29th, 2006). Having collaborated with some of music’s biggest names including Missy Elliot, Michael Buble, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, this wide-eyed, second-generation Portuguese beauty has etched a mark in musical history as one of the most prolific and versatile artists of our times. In conversation, she talks to me about her chrysalis from moving ‘like a bird’ to ‘promiscuous’. She reveals the essence of the woman she has become and her visceral bond with the South Asian community.

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Raj Girn


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