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Spring Cleaning

Aug 08, 2013

Kick that Clutter to the Curb!

With winter blahs behind us and summer just ahead, it’s time to ring in the spring and kick out the clutter! Annual spring cleaning would be a lot simpler if there wasn’t so much “stuff” in the way. It starts out small: a few bills here, a couple of post-it notes there, one pile for junk mail and another for must-have coupons – and before you realize it – clutter has made a home in your home. Whatever the reason – be it nostalgic, collector or anti-waste environmentalist – clutter can make its way into your life without you even noticing until suddenly finding countertops, desk space and even the floor seems a task. Think of the time you’d save knowing where stuff is, the money you’d save not buying things you simply can’t find, and the sense of calm you’d gain knowing guests will be able to find a place to rest their elbows. ANOKHI has the tips and tools to get your home ready for spring, clutter-free.

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