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Aug 08, 2013


Q. Should I cut my cuticles or just push them back? And how often?

A. You should never cut your cuticles yourself. Not only can you cause bleeding and unnecessary pain, but cutting them can also lead to serious infection if it’s not done correctly. Generally, pushing them back every few days with a rubber (not metal) tool is enough. There are also gentle and effective cuticle removing creams that are available on the shelves of most drugstores. Most will recommend using them once or twice a week, and that is enough. Finishing with moisturizing cuticle oil also improves the look and feel of your nails significantly. If you still feel that your cuticles aren’t up to par, wait until your next manicure and get a professional opinion from your favourite expert. Try Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover, $5.99.

Q. What is a primer, and do I need one?

A. Think of a primer as just that – something that primes the skin. It’s basically another layer that goes on after your moisturizer and before foundation. For some people it is an extra, and for some, a must. A primer can have a few different functions – it can temporarily help fill in wrinkles, control oil or add more moisture and help to keep makeup from breaking down. If you find that your makeup “melts” during the day, or “cracks” in fine lines, you may want to consider using one. Try Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, $40.

Quick Tips

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing

Exfoliating your face can have many benefits. It speeds up the cell turnover process, evens tone and texture, reveals newer, fresher skin and helps your moisturizer to absorb more effectively. Overdoing it, however, can create more damage than positive results. Exfoliating too often will cause the skin to produce more oil and actually make your skin oilier. It can also cause micro-tears and irritation that can leave you with redness and, after-time, increased sensitivities. Scruffing your dead skin off once or twice a week should suffice, or follow the instructions on the product.

More bang for your buck

Cosmetic companies know that customer loyalty isn’t an easy thing to achieve, which is why most companies offer a gift with purchases (GWPs). It usually consists of some smaller sized products or a service such as a makeover or facial that you get for free when you make your purchase. Cosmetic companies usually do GWPs twice a year, and they’re a great incentive for both the company and the customer. Who doesn’t love a freebee? If you’re already going to buy the product, try to plan accordingly and make the most of your purchase.


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