/ Publisher's Message, Summer 2008

Publisher’s Message, Summer 2008

Aug 05, 2013

It’s Martini Time!

There used to be a television commercial I loved to watch in England when I was growing up. It was for the liquor Martini Rossi, which was set against glamorous, tropical backdrops with beautiful people sipping ice cube clad Martinis. The tag line for the campaign was Anytime! Any Place! Anywhere! Although I knew that this was a promotional tactic to sell a product, for me, it was so much more than that. It was also the belief that I too could have the wherewithal to realize my most fantastical of dreams by translating them into goals and objectives I wanted for my life–how and what I wanted my life to be, as well as mean to me. Today, I still unflinchingly believe that if I can see it, I can strive to understand it, and if I can understand it, I can find a way to make it happen. So my journey continues Anytime! Any Place! Anywhere! I choose for it to go. The key, I believe, is in a virtue we all know well—patience. It is the patience to finally materialize what we have waited for, for so long. But I must be honest, this virtue can sometimes be a penance, and that’s when we have to decide if it’s worth the wait or not. I’m not alone in this belief as I’m sure that there are many of you who feel and believe as I do, and we’re not the only ones either. Many before us, during us and if history truly does repeat itself, after us, have a similar belief system they call their mantra.

It is on this premise that I decided to do something a little different with this issue’s cover story by theming it as opposed to my usual Open Chest™. I decided to do a fun profile piece on who I believe are four of young Bollywood’s most happening actresses, Katrina Kaif (who graces our cover), Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor. The article is called Young Bollywood Reigns Supreme with the Fantastic Four! and can be read on page 72.

Why I chose to pen this piece is because as outsiders, some of us peer into the world of celebrities through rose-coloured glasses, believing that the proverbially ordained silver spoon didn’t fall too far from their mouths. I hope, for those of us who still don the shades, we realize that celebrities, just like us, work very hard to the commitment of their craft and just like us, are disciples to it also. In addition, also just like us, some of them do have it a little easier than others but who of us can honestly say that they have never met a person who has worked comparatively less than them and attained the same, if not more success to boot. In short, and in answer to the hundreds of emails I receive asking me what it is like to meet a particular celebrity, there are no differences that make them any better than the rest of us. Having said that, we all love a great success story and there is none more of a current success story than these lovely actresses.

In sum, I wish you all the mindset to achieving your own version of success: Anytime! Any Place! Anywhere!

Until Next Time,


Raj Girn

Raj Girn


Raj Girn is an award-winning media personality, confidence coach, consultant and mentor. Bio: https://www.theopenchestconfidenceacademy.com/about/our-founder/ Testimonials: https://www.theopenchestconfidenceacademy.com/about/testimonials/


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