Issue 19 / 5 Must-Watch South Asian Beauty YouTubers

5 Must-Watch South Asian Beauty YouTubers

Oct 13, 2015

We've scoured the internet and came up with our list of must-follow, must-watch beauty vloggers who create makeup, hair and skin care tutorials for us brown girls. 

Farah Dhukai

788,000 subscribers

Farah Dhukai is a an Ontario-based Canadian makeup artist and hairdresser who shares everything from makeup tutorials to home remedies on her channel. Her GRWMs (Get Ready With Me’s) are full of tips that any South Asian can get inspiration from, with looks for Eid, Garbas and Indian weddings. Dhukai also offers natural ways to get rid of dark spots on your face or dark underarms with home remedies she says were inspired by her grandmother. With nearly 800,000 subscribers, her most popular video to date is a tutorial on how to get long, thick lashes (which has more than 7 million views).

In addition to her own YouTube channel, Dhukai owns a skin care company with her husband Sal Ali called Farsali. The range boasts natural ingredients, is free of harsh chemicals and focuses on cleansers and moisturizers. Dhukai even shares product tips on the Farsali YouTube Channel.

Jovita George

90,500 subscribers

Jovita George is a fashion stylist based in Kuwait who shares beauty and fashion tips on her YouTube channel. The former Miss Kerala takes viewers back to the basics with tutorials on choosing the right foundation and even how to properly remove makeup. She also recreates full celebrity looks on her channel and shares product info, like her current favourites and recent empties. In addition to fashion and beauty, George seems to be quite the wanderer and also shares travel vlogs on her channel, highlighting shopping hauls and explorations of various countries.

Kaushal Beauty

855,000 subscribers 

If you are only going to follow one beauty guru on YouTube, Kaushal Beauty should be it. The London-based vlogger does it all, from tutorials, to hauls, GRWMs and monthly favourites. Learn how to achieve the signature Ariana Grande cat-eye or that Kylie Jenner lip with product suggestions for brown skin. This channel is also a great place to learn more about makeup brushes, how to use them and how to maintain them. Kaushal is also all about a positive lifestyle, so if you need a little extra motivation or just some good vibes, check out her blog.


Anchal MUA

35,700 subscribers

Anchal Seda works as a professional makeup artist by day and shares her own tutorials on YouTube by night. Like the others, Seda helps viewers recreate celebrity looks, while also providing her own makeup tutorials, like nude lips for brown skin and Eid makeup. She also teaches beauty basics, like which brands have a wide range of foundation shades for darker skin tones. Perhaps the coolest thing on the Londoner’s channel is her recent Halloween tutorial, in which she puts her special effects skills to good use to create a hauntingly scary look.


Deepica Mutyala

37,600 Subscribers  

Deepica Mutyala is best known for teaching the world how to mask dark under eye circles with red lipstick (which has almost 9 million views). As a teen, she moved to NYC to pursue her dream of working in the beauty industry, and she did just that by eventually landing a role with Birchbox, where she filmed makeup tutorials for the beauty subscription service. It wasn’t until earlier this year that Mutyala began her own YouTube channel where she shares tutorials for different makeup looks and basic how-tos.

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Rosemina Nazarali


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