/ Colourscape Music Festival

Colourscape Music Festival

Feb 04, 2014

After touring eight different locations in the U.K., Colourscape Music Festival, an unusual, flexible and mobile arts festival of colour and light was celebrated in London from September 14 to 22. Colourscapes can be best described as one-acre long walk-in structures or 100 interconnected chambers of colour and light from floor to ceiling. Wrapped in a rainbow of colour, music, dance and theatre performances, attendees shared wonderful experiences as they strolled from one chamber to the next wearing coloured cloaks. The event was based on the theme, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and musicians, including Kristiina Ilmonen, dressed as different characters, keeping audience members engaged as they meandered inside the maze. Characters portrayed by musicians included a trombonist as the Mad Hatter, a trumpeter as the White Rabbit, a bass clarinetist as the March Hare; a cor anglais player for the Caterpillar and a cellist as the Cheshire Cat. Long views of intense colour and light within the labyrinth made the festival unique. Colourscape has plans to visit several countries, including Italy, Norway and Finland, in the coming years.



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