/ Editor's Note, Fall 2006

Editor’s Note, Fall 2006

Aug 06, 2013

Though it's said that there's nothing new under the sun, we're always searching for new perspectives and new angles from which to approach familiar subjects. With the changing demographic landscape in North America and abroad and the constantly evolving cultural expression that comes from this change, finding fresh new ways of looking at things is a pleasant experience.

And it makes for great content in ANOKHI. Our fall issue is packed with stories from the fashion and entertainment world that draw upon unique perspectives.

Turn to our fashion pages for a spectacular and elegant look at India’s haute couture with Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra's trendy and contemporary fusion line and Sabyasachi's collection of royalty from the past and present seamlessly woven into a harmonious whole (p.20).

Across neighbouring continents and amidst the juggernaut of the West’s luxury brand market, look, if you will, in another direction – Spain – where Indian fashion is taking the sunny climes of one of Europe’s most prestigious destinations by storm (Crossing Cultural Barriers, p.30).

Turn to our entertainment pages to find out what happened when Bollywood’s A-List came to Toronto for the Film Festival. Including a run-down of the South Asian films premiered at the festival and what to expect on the big screen, check out our exclusive coverage with Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, director Karan Johar and actress Nandita Das (p.117).

Also, read about the next generation of ethnic arts and expression where South Asian comedians have created a new direction and voice in comedy (South Asian Comedians Take Over the Mic, p.124). And an interview with MTV World’s Nusrat Durrani reveals his wish to break the first top ten artist from MTV Desi (MTV’s Nusrat Durrani: From Lucknow to the Ultimate Destination for Music and Pop Culture, p.132).

New to our fall issue this year, we’ve included The Gift List to help you shop for exactly the right present for everyone you know during the holiday season (ANOKHI’s Holiday Gift Guide, p.76). And our cover story featuring musical artist Nelly Furtado is a vivid depiction of new energy coming to the forefront.

Hope you enjoy.

Pamela Arora

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