/ Fit At the Office is the New Corporate Buzz!

Fit At the Office is the New Corporate Buzz!

Jul 21, 2013

Creative Tips to Keep You Fit at Work

So you’ve worked hard all summer to keep your body in shape, and there’s no reason to stop now that you are back at the office. With multiple projects, deadlines, meetings it can be easy to fall off your fitness regimen and healthy eating plan. But not this year, because it’s time to take control, get organized, and get office fit! Exercising should be fun and motivating so change your perspective and follow some of these tips to stay fit at work.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to exercise for an hour to achieve maximum results. Studies have shown that smaller increments of exercise throughout the day produce the same effect as one longer workout, so there is no need to find a large block of uncommitted time.

Step Into Action

Everyone in the office can wear a pedometer and determine the number of steps necessary per day to qualify as 30 minutes of exercise. Once people can see how many steps they are or aren’t taking, it becomes easier for them to get motivated and actually take the number of steps that equal 30 minutes of exercise.

Lunch On The Go!

Create a lunch walking group where you walk for 20 minutes and then sit down to a healthy meal – brownbag your own or grab a healthy one on-the-go. Use the time to share everyone’s favourite healthy recipes.

30-Day Yoga/Gym/Sport Challenge

Put up a board at your office or workplace and challenge coworkers to do 30 classes in 30 days. If you miss a day, you can do two the next, as long as you complete 30 classes in 30 days. The prize can be a meal-delivery service for a week, a massage or something else health-related.

Kitchen Clean Out!

Each week one person is in charge of cleaning out the company fridge and making a healthy addition (this follows the rule "if it’s in your kitchen, you’ll eat it!") Many studies show that if a piece of food is within arm’s reach or is in plain sight, you will crave it and then eat it!

Body Sculpt With Stairs

If you really feel like getting your heartbeat up, try climbing stairs instead of elevators. Nothing blasts your legs, calves and glutes more than a regular regime of stair climbing. Carry a heavy briefcase to make it a power workout or use bottled water for resistance. You can do these activities with a group of co-workers. With stair climbing you can target many muscle groups at once. For the advanced office-fit employees, you can step it up a notch and use the stair landings to do a set of 20 jumping squats, 20 alternating lunges, and 20 calf lifts. Grab a friend and time one another for some healthy competition.

So put the excuses aside and keep the office-fit buzz alive. Create the new corporate chic and move up the ladder in style!

In a fitness funk? Email her [email protected]

Amrit Dhaliwal is well-known as the world’s first pro Indian fitness model. She combines her diverse background as an international fitness/fashion model, certified trainer and body mind nutrition consultant to give unique insights on feminine health and beauty. www.amritdhaliwal.com



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