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Raising The Bar

Jul 31, 2013

UK’s Secret Shoes, Gives Men A Lift

Do you find yourself wishing Mr. Right was just that tad bit taller? Adore your man but afraid of being the dubbed the local ‘TomKat’? Now frolicking on the weekends with him in sexy, kitten heels is no longer a worry thanks to Secret Shoes.

Secret Shoes (secretshoes.co.uk) launched in 2003, is a UK based, online footwear site that showcases Jago Europe Ltd’s collection of specialty height increasing shoes. The shoe’s uniqueness is that it boasts a clever discreet factor: all Secret Shoe styles have an evenly raised heel and mid sole so no one will ever know your man is elevated. This chic footwear contains a cushioned, shock absorbing innersole system, which ensures maximum comfort.

The owner of this fab find, Aaron Sarin, contributes his line to the exposure to retail he had through his father. "As footwear has become more functional and conceptual," he adds, "the need for a better quality of shoe—with lifts, looks trendy, is discreet and comfortable to wear all day—has become apparent for both sexes".

And the facts don’t lie. Speed dating studies have found that every extra inch in height a man has over another man, makes him five percent more likely to successfully score a date. While taking into account the fact that women generally prefer taller men, it comes as no surprise that more than one in three American men would like to be taller.

Being stylish with discreet, and targeting every lifestyle scene from formal and casual is the creative mantra at Jago Europe Ltd. So whether you’re hooking up for happy hour, attending a black tie affair or just chilling out on the weekend, your guy will always stand a cut above. The JEL line at Jago Europe Ltd. offers up to a three-inch height gain and comes in a whopping range of 50 different styles. Due to their impeccable quality, function and style, the feedback from clientele has been phenomenal with a solid repeat customer base, which includes various celebrities, not to mention a high-ranking UK government official. With their collection starting at £69., a red carpet salary is not needed.

Secret Shoes sells internationally with a loyal following in Canada, US, Europe, Brazil, Lithuania, Russia and Dubai. Adapting to the increasing global demand, they have recently launched a Spanish version of their website: www.secretshoes.eu.

To view the lines in their entirety log on to: secretshoes.co.uk.


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