Issue 7 / Deal Alert! Delicious Meals All Under $25

Deal Alert! Delicious Meals All Under $25

Jul 26, 2015

Feeding a group can add up quickly and become a pricy task, here are some quick options and delicious combos that ease the hit on the pockets.

Grocery list

For the Base: Pick 1 item — up to $5 CDN — pasta, rice, lentils, beans, potatoes, pierogi, etc
For Veggie: Pick up to 3 items — up to $5 CDN —  carrots, celery, green onion, cabbage, kale, leeks, tomatoes, etc
For Meat: Pick 1 item — up to $10 CDN — chicken, beef, pork, sausages, fish, seafood, etc
For Topping: Sauce or flavours (pick any) up to $5 CDN —  green onion, tomato paste, cheese, lemon, herbs, stock, etc.

Leek & Lemon One Pot Chicken

Base: Potatoes
Veg: Leeks
Meat: Chicken thighs
Flavours: Lemon, rosemary and chicken stock

Turn stove on to medium heat. Add oil to bottom of deep, wide pot, rinse chicken thighs and add to pot in one layer. Wash and sloe lemon into rounds, place on top of chicken with a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary, rinsed. Throughly wash leeks and slice, and peel and quarter potatoes. Layer leeks and potatoes on top of chicken and herbs. Pour chicken stock over until thighs are covered and potatoes are partially covered. Add chilli flakes if desired, cover and let cook for 30 to 40 mins, until chicken is cook through and potatoes are tender.

Pierogi Switch Up

Base: Pierogi
Veg: Celery and green onion, sliced and fresh baby spinach
Meat: 4 chicken sausages, cut up into bite sized pieces
Flavours: Aged cheddar cheese with mustard seed and ale

Sautée celery, green onions and chicken sausage in some oil, in a large shallow pan, until sausage is cooked and turn off heat. Boil pierogi in small batches, drain and add to pan with sausage, continue until all pierogies are cooked. Turn heat back on to sausage pan, drizzle with olive oil and let cook for a few more minutes, add spinach and wilt. Turn off heat. To serve, crumble cheese and add on top of pierogi.

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