10 Female-Owned South Asian Brands You Need To Check Out

As we close out Women's History Month, we take a look at female founders and their brands! Here are 10 women-led South Asian brands that you need to add to your add-to-cart list stat!  Nowadays, consumers are more conscious than ever about their purchases and look to ensure they are buying from a brand that is meeting their standards, whether that is sustainability, philanthropy, or more. If you're like us here at ANOKHI LIFE, we


Pizza Pizza Marketing Director Amber Winters Explains How Inclusivity Grows Employee Confidence

With over two decades in the business Amber Winters know just what it takes to have a team that is proud of what they do. As the Marketing Director of Pizza Pizza a Canadian heritage brand when it comes to fast food, Winters has broken many barriers (and bread!) while highlighting the importance of inclusivity. She shares her thoughts about why now it’s now more important than ever for leaders to support their teams especially when recruiti


Why Tina Singh’s Bold Helmets Is Next Level Inclusivity

Entrepreneur Tina Singh knew that there needed to be proper protective head gear for her son. But due to his Patka there wasn’t a helmet in the market that would fit his own head covering. She decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and launched Bold Helmets, a line of head gear specifically designed to fit those who wear hair coverings including Patkas


How Sonya Gill's Ecommerce Store THE LNK Is Bringing South Asian Retailers To Your Doorstep

Canadian serial entrepreneur Sonya Gill knew that it was time for the North American market to be able to get easy access to the robust world South Asian fashion. And that's why she created her ecommerce site THE LNK which launched in November 2022. Her company is the first global fashion and beauty online marketplace to only represent ethnically diverse indie brands.


  • The 2 Titans: Dr. Ajay Virmani & Dr. Steve Gupta, Are Making Canadian Proud

    When it comes to celebrating our South Asian successes in the mainstream space, we we are all here for it. And this is just the case for two pioneering entrepreneurs from the hospitality and aerospace industries. Specifically Dr. Ajay Virmani CEO of Cargojet  and Dr. Steve Gupta Executive Chair ...


  • The Key To This CEO’s Success? Embrace The Chaos

    It was with the birth of her daughter that financial entrepreneur Rakhee Dhingra Founder & CEO of Mortgage Savvy knew that a pivot needed to happen for the sake of her own quality of life. She felt lost and while coping with other challenges that life threw at her, she knew it was time ...


  • Dr. Rumeet Billan Incoming CEO Of Women Of Influence Wants You To Stop Using #GirlBoss

    Dr. Rumeet Billan has travelled the globe with her international research sharing her expertise on workplace culture and elevating the understanding of emotional intelligence. She’s also a serial entrepreneur who has now added Women of Influence, a world-renowned Canadian organization to her r ...


  • Has The Housing Bubble Burst? Here's What You Need To Know

    We have been riding on an unprecedented high for the past decade or so. That high reached its peak during the pandemic. Now, with inflation at a historic high, higher interest rate hikes are the main focus to cool it. And with that comes hesitation from buyers and sellers. So has the housing bub ...


  • From Law To Love: How Did Jasbina Ahluwalia Create One Of The OGs Of South Asian 1:1 Matchmaking Personalized Services?



  • Creators Of "Thirsty Suitors" Are Fixing The Lack Of South Asian Avatars In The Gaming World

    When it comes to South Asian representation there is ample evidence that we are coming into our own on television, streaming, films, publishing, business, music and sports. But what about gaming? Chandana Ekanayake (aka "Eka"), co-founder and creative director of Seattle-based "indie game studio ...


  • The Economic Collapse Of Sri Lanka: Here’s What You Should Know

    Sri Lanka has been suffering its worst financial crisis in decade with millions struggling to buy food, fuel and medicine. Millions faced unemployment and raised frustrations through countless protests in the past few months reaching a crescendo in Colombo on the weekend when protesters breached ...


  • Why Reetu Gupta Newly-Appointed Chairwoman of The Gupta Group, Wants Women To Believe In Their Wins

    Reetu Gupta the newly appointed Chairwoman of The Gupta Group is one of the very few women in such a position in Canada. Breaking barriers in that respect, she also holds the position of Ambassadress of this family company which ...


  • Why Elon Musk's Twitter Grab Is Dangerous For Us Desis

    When Elon Musk flirted with the idea about taking over Twitter one of his main talking points is the fact that he wanted to be sure that freedom of speech will not be compromised on the social platform. On paper that sounded logical. However, through his own actions Musk has publicly called out ...


  • South Asian Heritage Month 2022: 10 South Asians Shaking Up The Tech Space

    Welcome to South Asian Heritage Month 2022 edition! This month we have a 4-part series honouring South Asians who are making positive impacts across the board. We kick it all off with our look at 10 South Asians who are shaking up the tech space. Para ...


  • Taking A Closer Look At Presenteeism — When You're At Work But Not Really There

    The idea of abseentism has been stealing the headlines as of late. One of the forms of absenteeism is presenteeism. When you do show up for work, but you aren't really there. We take a closer look at this increasing problem in the workplace.  “What gets measured, gets managed.” This ...


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