Toronto's Naan & Chai Gives Pakistani Cuisine A Delectable Twist

Naan & Chai quickly became a foodie fan favourite, with their out-of-the-box interpretations of classical Pakistani cuisine, not too mention their trademark stuffed naans. With take away service as well as socially-distanced dine-in. I decided to dive right in into some Naan & Chai goodness.  When Naan and Chai opened their d


Luxury Indian Handbag Maker Aranyani, Focuses On Funding Education For Children In India

Aranyani, a Bangalore-based luxury handbag design house not only creates gorgeous items but they also have a solid focus on making education accessible to the school children of India.  Aranyani Who?! If you haven't heard of Aranyani, you're definitely going to glad you have now (feel free to thank me later)! Not only is Aranyani re


Create These Fab 5 Mocktail Recipes With The Latest Non-Alcoholic Drinks On The Market

With the rising demand for non-alcoholic drinks, companies are taking advantage and releasing a strong line of delicious drinking alternatives. Take that combined with some great mocktail recipes and you've got every reason to raise a glass — or two!  Mixing up any drink requires a few things: the star of the drink, the mixer, and the right tools and mixing non-alcoholic drinks are no different. Many distilleries have started makin


Why Aren't Indian Students Learning About Sex In School?

It's shocking but it's happening. Indian students aren't learning about proper sex education in school and why that's a huge problem. Sex. Yes, I said it. Hopefully, the Aunties of the cyber world don't come for me! But, in all seriousness, ‘sex’ is basically a bad word in South Asian households that, especially for a young person, who should neither think about nor dare to talk about it. Period. You're probably thinki


  • You Need These 4 Hot September Tech Gadgets For Back To School

    Back to school is here. Whether you are in class, hybrid or completely online, these latest offerings from the tech world will get put you in good shape!  ...


  • Finding Love The Second Time Around: Why It's Hard For Older Desi Divorced Women To Find Love

    When it comes to love finding it once is pretty remarkable. However when it comes to finding love the second time around, specifically for older divorced women it's not so easy. Thanks to incredible cultural biases that face older ...


  • 4 Fool-Proof Ways To Grow Your Herbs At Home

    Growing herbs and fresh veggies at home are a great home project for anyone. Round up some soil and seeds and get ready for fresh produce at anytime with these 4 fool-proof ways to grow your herbs at home.  Step 1: Figure Out Lighting Figure out the lighting situatio ...


  • I Did A Quarantine Juice Cleanse — Here's Why I'm Glad I Did It

    My eating habits have changed drastically over quarantine and this might be the case for many. Whether you're looking to reset your diet for summer and undo any bad habits that you may have picked up in quarantine, or boost your immunity from home, I found a brand that actually works and helps c ...


  • Dark Is Beautiful: 9 Ways To Vibe Up Your Space With Darker Hues

    Adding darker hues into your home isn’t as daunting and overwhelming as it used to be. Strong graphic lines, matte finishes, and dainty decor have all made adding a touch of sultry darker tones in your home much easier. When thinking dark tones, picture blacks, deep greys and luxurious ...


  • Kricket In London Reimagines The Classic British Curry House

    In house dining has now been reopened in the UK and that means we are able to visit some fantastic restaurants. Kricket is the next one on the list.  Kricket was founded by two friends Will Bowlby ...


  • 7 Decor Pieces That Will Take Your Balcony To The Next Level

    WFH combined with warmer weather, the outdoor living space is now more important than ever. Rocking out your balcony requires some creativity and patience. It may take a little planning but it will become your own mini city-oasis to enjoy the nice weather. So here are 7 decor pieces that will ta ...


  • Soak It Up! How To Turn Bath Time Into A Soul-Enriching Ritual

    The art of bath is not about getting wet in a tub, it is about transitioning to a relaxed state. Our South Asian culture is a font of helpful tips and ingredients geared towards achieving that soothed state of mind. With the increased popularity of bath time as a way to restore and revitalize, h ...


  • South Asian Herstory: Why Kamala Harris Is The Risky Choice That This Election Needs

    Barriers and ceilings are all broken with Kamala Harris being picked to be Joe Biden's running mate, making her the first Black and the first South Asian woman to be the VP on the ticket of one of the most important Pr ...


  • From Indian BBQ To Bevvies, Brigadiers Brings The Spirit Of The Indian Military Bar To London

    Now that dining out is back in London, UK, it's time to continue our run of cool restaurants for you to check out. ...


  • Grill Up Some Indian Street Food Inspired Good Eats With These 4 Recipes

    Give your BBQ some Desi flavour with a few creative spins on the traditional Indian street food. Go ahead and heat up that grill!    The Classic Grilled Corn (Bhuttas) [caption id="attachment_433808" align="aligncen ...


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