Be A Backyard Beach Bum With These South Asian Summer Reads

As the summer gets hotter and since we are still in the midst of a pandemic, throw up your feet in your backyard and grab a hot summer book to get back your groove. These fun, interesting and thoroughly entertaining books are just what will brighten up your summer days. Go go ahead chill with these South Asian summer reads. 


July 2020 Hot Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

Check out these three July 2020 hot tech gadgets hitting the stores this month!  Senheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 [caption id="attachment_433214" align="aligncenter" width="617"]


Want A Getaway? Check Out These 6 Travel Movies That Will Give You A Wanderlust Vibe

With travel restrictions still in place and not being able to travel this summer, many of us are experiencing travel withdrawals. Staring helplessly at our cute luggage tucked away in the corner might not be the only thing left to do. There are several Hollywood and Bollywood films that take your around the world. Check out our fave travel movies which will give you that wanderlust vibe. 


Why Isn't Our Desi Community Ready To Accept South Asian Lesbians?

With Pride Month coming to a close, we conclude our LGBTQIA+ - focused stories with our final and most poignant piece. We read a lot about the gay movement within the Indian diaspora and mainstream South Asian communities. However, when it comes to the South Asian lesbian community it seems that our Desi community isn't willing to accept those truths. We take an historical look at how the South Asian lesbian community grew into a


  • Easy Breezy Summer Cocktail Recipes To Try At Home

    Cheers to some cool summer cocktail recipes a perfect way to kick off the first long weekend of the summer and beyond!  Summer's here and while patios are opening up, many still prefer to social distance and ...


  • 7 Mango Recipes You Can Try This Summer!

    You guys, it's mango season! To celebrate your mango love here are seven easy DIY recipes to help you enjoy the tropical fruit this summer! Well, you can thank us after trying them out!  There are two kinds of people in this world - the ones who eat mangoes like humans and the ones who ...


  • Here Are 8 Key Things You Can Do To Support The Trans Community

    Simple things such as learning the right terminologies, supporting transgender organizations, attending rallies, or learning the difference between the different gender groups can be a huge step towards supporting the trans community. Here are some key ways!  [caption id="attachment_433 ...


  • Make Your Dad Feel Like A Superstar With These Father's Day Gifts

    With Father's Day 2020 around the corner, we have curated a list of fantastic gift options for dad. Whether dad's a tech-loving guy, a fashio ...


  • Educate Yourself On #BlackLivesMatter With These Key Books

    Educating ourselves about systematic racism is a stepping stone towards being actively anti-racist. We have curated a list of books that are eye-opening and will educate us as we come to terms with our own privilege and ...


  • Mindful Health: You'll Be Surprised At What These 3 Super Spices Can Do For You

    “People of the world spice up your life!” Though we are quoting their classic song (and dancing in our seat a bit), this post is not about the Spice Girls, as I'm writing about spicing up your life in the most literal way. These spices are the most commonly used ingredient in our Desi cookin ...


  • #BlackLivesMatter Needs The Right South Asian Ally

    We are witnessing a pivotal point in civil rights history. The Black Lives Matter movement continues to grow in strength in numbers with massive cr ...


  • ICF raises a grant to be awarded to emerging artists in the US.

    NYC's India Center Foundation Hands Out Big Dollars For Artists Affected By COVID-19

    New York-based, The India Center Foundation (ICF) announces monetary grants to artists during the COVID-19 crisis. We speak to a few winners as well as with the founding director and board president of ICF Raoul Bhavnani, for all the details on this much needed initiative.  More than 25 ...


  • June 2020 Hottest Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

    We've got our monthly list of tech gadgets that you need! Check out our list of June 2020 hottest tech gadgets right here!  ...


  • Transgender Activist Akkai Padmashali On Bringing Dignity & Equality To The Trans Community Of India

    We kick off Pride Month with our conversation with Akkai Padmashali, a transgender activist and motivational speaker and a a political powerhouse based out of Bangalore, India. She shared her thoughts on the importance of implementation of human rights, the changing of the Indian mindset and bei ...


  • In Search Of Justice For George Floyd — A Snapshot Of A Burning America

    America hasn't seen this much unrest since the 1968 Civil Rights Movement. Sparked by the murder of George Floyd (who gasped "I can't breathe") by the Minneapolis Police exactly a week ago, Americans in all 50 states took to the streets to demand justice and remind everyone that #BlackLivesMatte ...


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