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What Pisses Me Off: Grieving The Loss Of My Dad During COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused incalculable grief ... losing a beloved parent and not being able to partake in the regular rituals compounds it. Here is my  my grieving journey and the lessons I've learned on to handle grieving during COVID


What Pisses Me Off: We Need To Stop Appropriating Black Culture

It has always been under my skin. I've seen it for years. And I keep asking myself this one question: why do Desis love to appropriate Black culture?  WHAT PISSES ME OFF: WE NEED TO STOP APPROPRIATING BLACK CULTURE  I know we aren’t alone. Black culture — whether it's in the form of fashion, music and slang, has always been the subject of appropriation by the mainstream. For gen


What Pisses Me Off: People Who Post Their Feelings And Don't Face Them

The long-winded status updates and emotional outbursts on social media can sometimes feel excessive, am I right? Don’t get me wrong, I fully support a healthy expression of thoughts and social media can be one of the great ways to seek support and connect with others. Sure, being in self-isolation it's only natural to find some sort of outlet to express your feelings. Those zoom calls can only go so far. However while social distancing, it'


COVID-19: What Pisses Me Off — Hoarding & Price Gouging To Make Money In This Global Pandemic

There’s no denying the global pandemic of COVID-19 has been and continues to be scary. It’s completely okay to feel heightened sense of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. What’s not okay is when we allow that fear to push us into behaviours that lack compassion and kindness. We are


  • COVID-19: What Pisses Me Off — People Who Don't #StayHome

    I do make conscious efforts to live a mindful life which to me means living with purpose, being present and practicing non-judgment (as much as possible). Being mindful however does not mean I don’t get mad. So, what’s pushing my patience into a bubbling impatience these days? In this global ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: Spending Too Much On Designer Clothes

    Now that we are staying home a lot more than before, online shopping is a great way to try to keep some normalcy in our world. But when a distraction is needed, there's that risk of getting completely lost in the virtual world of beautiful designer pieces. What's wrong with a little ray of sunsh ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: The Pink Tax — Gender-Based Pricing Needs To Stop!

    We continue our International Women's Day week-long special with a very important issue that needs to be addressed: why ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: Why Is Healthy Food So Expensive?!

    What Pisses Me Off: Why Is healthy food so expensive? Eating healthy makes sense. However when you're working endlessly to pay the bills and put food on the table, sometimes the price of eating healthy can really add up.   What Pisses Me Off: ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: People Who Constantly Compete!

    Do you have that person in your life that has that undeniable competitive streak? Sometimes it's healthy to have that drive but when it's about pretty much everything it can be a bit much.  What Pisses Me Off: People Who Constantly Compete! ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: People's Reactions To My Fear Of Dogs

    There are dogs everywhere and that's okay. What's not okay however, are the reactions of people when they see that myself (as well as my mom) are absolutely fearful of dogs. We aren't trying to be rude. We are just scared. Really scared and it's time that people understand that.  ...


  • 9. What Pisses Me Off: Choosing NOT To Talk About Our Mental Health

    Today is World Mental Health Day and I need to get something off of my chest. Why are we still struggling to talk about mental health in today's over-sharing society? We talk abo ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: My Father's Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

    A shocking stage 4 cancer diagnosis rattles the world of the patient, family and friends. For me, it was even worse.    What Pisses Me Off: My Father's Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis!  On September 12, 2019 my father was diagnosed wi ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: People Who Don't Vote!

    With the Canadian federal election taking place this Monday October 21, 2019 it's high time that we talked about the one constant that plagues every election season.  What Pisses Me Off: People Who Don't Vote!  Politics. A powerful wor ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: Parent Shaming — Let Them Raise Their Kids The Way They Want To

    I don't understand why people feel the need to insert their opinions when it comes to upbringing of other people's children. What pisses me off: Parent shaming.  To be clear from the start, I don’t have children but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on parenting because I ...


  • What Pisses Me Off!

    You: What Pisses Me Off!  Us: We Want To Know; Tell Us Everything!  ...


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