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What Pisses Me Off: Why My Endometriosis Was Ignored For Years

You know what really pisses me off? Endometriosis. You know what pisses me off even more? The fact that going into 2023, people still don’t know what it is. Take a moment and ask yourself, have you ever heard of Diabetes? Breast cancer? How about Schizophrenia? While these conditions certainly deserve the awareness they have, I would like to ask you, have you ever heard of endometriosis? That’s my point. I write this article with


Everyone Needs To Calm Down About Ranveer Singh's Photos

Ranveer Singh lit social on fire with his risque semi-nude photos as part of an extensive story published in PAPER. However all the pearl clutching is a bit much. In Bollywood we are ready and willing to accept semi-nude and scantily-clad Bollywood heroines, however when it comes to showing skin why is everyone aiming their moral outrage at Ranveer? There are much bigger issues that need to be addressed than his artful photo shoot. 


Why Is The American Government Forcing Women To Have Babies?

With Roe v Wade dismantled by the Supreme Court of The United Stated States, I needed  few days to process this incredibly damning anti-female move which will set back American women's rights by decades if not hundreds of years. There are just so many layers to this outcome which needs to be peeled back and examined. And I will do just that.  What Pisses Me Off: Why Is The American Government


The Myth About The Perfect Couple

With Valentine's Day around the corner social will inevitably be filled with all sorts of #couplesgoals and various gestures of love. However, the pressure that is put on to find that sort of coupling can be daunting which is why it's time to keep it real and call it what it is. A myth.  What Pisses Me Off: The Myth About the Perfect Couple Have you ever been sitting in a small group


  • What Pisses Me Off: The 5-day Work Week

    We work. We work, we work, we work and then work some more. How have we gotten to a place where so many of us spend more time working every week than we do playing? Is that what it means to be an adult? Who made these rules? Why do we think we need to continuously be running on a professional ha ...


  • We Need To Stop With All That Photoshop

    We are living our lives through filters. Being authentic is becoming more challenging by the day. And when we see images of our fave celeb or influencer living their best life, most often than not, there is an ample amount of photoshop taking place. This is skewing our perspective on what true a ...


  • I Am Trying To Age Gracefully But I Just Can't Face It

    In a world of Insta filters and TikTok videos on ways to turn back the hands of time, we can't avoid that fact that we all will age. Some sooner than others. And yes, there is a loud chorus of acceptance and "living your best lift at any age", but there's also the idea that yeah, aging sucks. Es ...


  • This is How The Pandemic Has Affected My Friendships

    The pandemic has affected so many facets of our lives, including our friendships. Our v ...


  • What Not To Say To Those Who Are Venting

    Being a soundboard can be a good thing. However, when your friend is in the middle of a serious venting session it really is important to be mindful of what you will say in response. Here are some tips on what not to say to people who are venting and some suggestions on how to respond. ...


  • Colourism & The Crown: How Our Own Shadist Mentality Gives Us No Right To Criticize The Royal Family

    We were all left aghast by the charges of colourism that has been levied at the Royal Family but we should not ignore our own shadist mentality that has been embedded in our South Asian culture for generations.  What Pisses Me Off: Colourism & Th ...


  • Our 2021 Roundup: What Pisses Me Off — Why Do Some People Think Ghosting Is Okay?

    One of the most peculiar behaviors that has become part of our vernacular is "ghosting". The act of completely disappearing/cutting off all communication with a friend, relative or lover. When people ghost it undoubtedly takes away a sense of closer to the one who is being ghosted. And this need ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: We Need To Stop Appropriating Black Culture

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020. In light of Black Lives Matter, we take a closer look at ourselves and how we view Black culture.  It has always been under my skin. I've seen it for years. And I keep asking myself this one question: why do Desis l ...


  • What Pisses Me Off: People Who Love To Stir The Pot

    I love a good culinary experience but when I say “stir the pot” I’m not taking about mixing your favourite stove-top dish; I’m referring to people who love to cook up drama. What Pisses Me Off: People Who Love To Stir The Pot Un ...


  • What Pisses Me Off! People Who Look Down On Renting

    We come from a culture where buying real estate in the form of your first home is expected at some point in life. However not everyone's circumstances allow it and to be honest whether I'm renting or own my home, it shouldn't be up for debate.  What ...


  • What Pisses Me Off! Netflix's Reality Series "Indian Matchmaking" Shows That Shadism & Classism Is Alive & Well In 2020

    I checked out the new Netflix show Indian Matchmaking realized that when it came to hoping for more diversity, representation and seeing more of "me" onscreen, this show ain't it. Who was it really ...


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