Greetings From The Health And Wellness Editor!

It's Olympics Time! Right on cue, as is the case every two years, I am addicted to the Olympics. Are you? Aren’t they just thrilling?! I am reeling from how the ladies have won 12 of the 16 medals Canada has so far. Now when someone says “you play like a girl” take it as a compliment! It’s no doubt I watch with such awe because Olympians make the sport look so


Disney Releases Aamir Khan Flick Taare Zameen Par On DVD

Starting January 12, Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth) is set to come to a small screen near you courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. The DVD includes seven Bollywood dance numbers, and a brand new English-language track for the global audience, all in celebration of creativity and individuality. Th


Hello! From The Editor-In-Chief!

I am sitting here, bursting at the seams with stuff that I want to share with you all. First thing's first. Have you listened to Sade's latest single, "Soldier of Love"? If you haven't you need to drop EVERYTHING that you are doing and give it a whirl. For one thing, the girl looks exactly the same. You can't believe that it


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