The T-Fal Multicooker Series Is The Condo Dweller's Dream Appliance

*Sponsored Post* Space-saving is key when you are living into your brand new, bite-sized condo. But you don't have to scrimp on quality cooking thanks to T-Fal's genius array of multicookers!   Condo dwellers buckle your seat belts as we take a walk through the wonders of the T-Fal multicooker series. With three amazing versions this will simply help you save counter space, money and time all the w


Austin Texas Film Festival Gives The Stage To Worthy Independent Projects

At a time when it feels like there's an increasing number of events working to divide people in North America, one film fest in the United States is attempting to bridge that gap and unite people through very interesting independent films thanks to the Indie Meme Film Festival.  Just having wrapped up its second year, one of the founders of the Indie Meme Film Festival,  Tripti Bhatnagar,


How To Keep Your Sex Spark Lit In Your Relationship

Want to know how you can keep the honeymoon phase of your relationship for years to follow? Take a read below on advice by dating expert Carmelia Ray and ANOKHI's very own resident sexpert Rebecca Rosenblat on how to keep your sex spark lit. Relationships can be boring after the initial spark wears off. After a while, making time for your partner can be taken as irrelevant or not important. This is common in the South Asian culture w


Taking In The Full Magic And Majesty Of Muscat, Oman

A 900-year old walled city fringed by rugged desert landscapes and sparkling azure seas, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman is part sunny, breezy Middle Eastern charm and part gilded luxury. We take in the full magic and majesty of Muscat, Oman. Muscat is under a five-hour drive from Dubai, but the difference be


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