Q&A With The Iconic Fashion Designer Ritu Beri

The designer stalwart exclusively shares with us her insights on the luxury market and how The Luxury League is important for India.  An iconic creative presence in Indian fashion, the name Ritu Beri resonates at home and around the globe as an established couturier because she's pretty much done it all. Trained under


CBC's Canada Reads 2016: Our Focus On Saleema Nawaz's Bone and Bread

In time for CBC's annual book debate show, Canada Reads 2016, we focus on Bone and Bread and why that should be on your bookshelf right now. "I’m Indian in background, African born and raised in Canada. This book takes you through that narrative of being from somewhere else and living in Canada. And dealing with all the customs and traditions that surround those who are from South Eastern Asian desce


The Body Shop Celebrates 40 Years With Commitment to Enrich, Not Exploit

The beauty brand takes their commitment to the planet to the next level.  The Body Shop is celebrating their 40th anniversary by making a bold statement — they want to be the most sustainable and ethical company in the world. As their latest campaign puts it, they want to enrich not exploit. They want to enrich the lives of people around the world, they want to enrich the planet and they want to enrich


Why Don't We Talk About Infertility Issues?

With the importance of family and community being the backbone of South Asian culture, infertility issues seem to get swept under the rug. We take a look at why and discuss the need to stop the silence. My grandmother, the sweet woman that she is, has been nagging me to get pregnant for six months now (maybe longer). It didn’t occur to me how significant this was for her until she, very seriously, told my mom


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